These kinds of Chinese traditional medicine do not suggest long-term taking, the person that often takes Chinese traditional medicine, might as well understand more

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Speaking of Traditional Chinese medicine, we must be familiar with it. It has an important history of thousands of years in China, and there is even the spread of Shennong tasting all kinds of herbs. In the era when medicine was not too developed, and in the ancient times when medicine was not too developed, one dose after another of Traditional Chinese medicine saved many people’s lives.Nowadays, with the continuous development of medicine, people are improving on the basis of the prescriptions handed down from the ancestors, and upgrading, more and more diseases can be coordinated by traditional Chinese medicine.For today’s people, it is common to use some traditional Chinese medicine to adjust their physical conditions, especially some people who pay special attention to health care, but also frequently use Traditional Chinese medicine to adjust their health.01 Definition of Traditional Chinese Medicine In the history of China, Traditional Chinese medicine is known as the collection, processing, preparation of traditional Chinese medicine theory, so as to explain the mechanism of action, know the clinical application of drugs.In daily life, Traditional Chinese medicine also plays a role in regulating the body, and the main source of traditional Chinese medicine is derived from natural drugs and processed products of natural drugs, including plant drugs, animal drugs, mineral drugs and some chemical and biological products.Because most of the herbs in Traditional Chinese medicine are plant drugs, there has always been a saying that “all medicines are grass-based”.Although taking Traditional Chinese medicine has great benefits for body conditioning, the following herbs are not recommended for long-term use in daily life.(1) Realgar Speaking of realgar, surely the first thing that comes to mind is realgar wine.It is well known that realgar wine has insect repellent effect, actually because realgar itself is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine, can be used both internally and externally.Realgar can play a role in dampness, insecticide, detoxification and wind, and even for sore, snake bite and carbuncle also has a certain therapeutic effect.Even for the treatment of hair loss, it can also play a certain role.But because realgar itself has a certain toxicity, so don’t recommend the long-term use of realgar, if long-term use can cause too much yellow income and cause of poisoning in the chest and the occurrence of drug side effects, patients can usually show the situation of the diarrhea and vomiting, severe is even life threatening, in addition it is forbidden to pregnant women friends use realgar.(2) Chrysanthemum in daily life, we all have the habit of drinking chrysanthemum tea, think that chrysanthemum tea can play the role of decryption and heat and detoxification, and chrysanthemum taste sweet effect is good, in daily life, many people often drink tea.Why can’t chrysanthemum be drunk for a long time?This is because the chrysanthemum although gan medical effect is good, but the nature of the cold is very easy to stimulate intestines and stomach, abdominal pain, diarrhea induced if people cold and stomach is relatively vulnerable, and even the crowd of low immunity after long-term drinking can appear cold feet intestines and stomach uncomfortable situation, even appeared the situation of the abdominal pain diarrhea,Therefore, people’s health will be affected to a certain extent.(3) Fat sea in daily life, if people have a voice discomfort, usually buy fat sea or luohan fruit to improve the problem of hoarse and dry mouth.But it does not recommend big parents time drinking boat-fruited sterculia bubble water, although this is because the boat-fruited sterculia for eye problems, can play a good improvement, but, after all, drug toxicity is boat-fruited sterculia belong to medicinal slants cool medicinal materials and can effectively promote intestinal peristalsis, so for the intestines and stomach weak people, is not suitable for long-term use of medicine.If gastrointestinal function is relatively weak, only long-term drinking boat-fruited sterculia, abdominal pain, diarrhea, chest congestion continues to decline, thin body, moreover boat-fruited sterculia WeiDu characteristics exist, if long-term drinking will give kidneys and liver bring certain burden, increase, even can cause defecate thin chest discomfort.(4) Licorice mention licorice must be no stranger to everyone, licorice is often used to relieve gastrointestinal weakness, fatigue, cough and phlegm.In the past few years, the licorice tablets sold in pharmacies also have the existence of hay, but in recent years, licorice tablets seem to be gradually withdrawing from people’s lives, so that the licorice tablets can not be bought in small pharmacies, only to go to the hospital after a doctor’s prescription can be bought.Appear this kind of change, because if long-term taking licorice can cause the body appear the situation of the increased blood pressure, can appear even limbs weakness swelling and other symptoms, and some of the liquorice slice is also very easy to make people appear to feel addiction, so both licorice and liquorice slice, all can not be long-term use, in case of a certain physical impairments.(5) cinnabar cinnabar, I do not know whether you know, in ancient times, most women will point on the arm of the palace sand, and the production process of manual sand, is to feed the gecko cinnabar, when the gecko grows up, put it into the mortar rock after drawing water on the arm of female friends.Cinnabar is a kind of mineral, is the main raw material, mixing mercury has the characteristic of the strong toxicity, moreover vermilion on the nervous system and the liver can cause great damage, if take an excessive amount of cinnabar can also lead to the body has the acute severe situation, the main symptoms of nausea and vomiting, oliguria urinary can even cause uremia, if the concentration is too high,It can also induce the loss of the central system through the blood-brain barrier and lead to death, which is why the use of cinnabar is restricted in western countries.(6) Ginkgo yanqing, also known as ginkgo, was an important Chinese herbal medicine in ancient China. According to relevant records, ginkgo has the effect of lowering blood lipids, softening blood vessels, protecting the heart and other effects. In addition, it can also play the role of anti-inflammatory, analgesic and bacteriostasis.In everyday life, there are many old people like to ginkgo bubble water to drink, feel can protect cardiovascular and cerebrovascular produce certain, but it is very wrong, this is because in ginkgo biloba contains relatively rich ginkgo phenol and YinXingTong, if long-term consumption of bubble water or long-term consumption of ginkgo, ginkgo biloba can lead to poisoning patients, specific performance for loss of appetite,Nausea, vomiting, chest tightness, fatigue and other symptoms, and even bring a certain impact on life and health.Conclusion: Do you have the habit of taking Traditional Chinese medicine in your daily life?What do you think about that?Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.Healthy New Year