Why did the two giants show high emotional intelligence when they almost became policemen

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For days, many fans have been demanding to talk about inter’s most important new signing of the winter window: Gerzens.Let’s start with some small things.Nowadays, inter is preparing for the next tense with Napoli, Liverpool.The boys were rubbing their hands.In their side, there is a more urgent than they want to prove their own strong player, this is anxious to resume training, but was the team doctor to “on the safe side” on the grounds of a large number of separate training gesens.Speaking to team reporters, Gerzens hopes to play earlier and feels fit.However, inter still hope that he is fully fit, and through training to find some “foot feeling” before playing.The reason is obvious: if you rush out of the game, you fear a recurrence of the injury, but also fear that the first shot will not be fired, putting extra pressure on the player.Inter’s public opinion environment and Atalanta are different, the new aid a few not to shine, there will be someone to scold the inferior goods.After joining Inter, Gerzens found himself starting later than all his team-mates, but he has enough experience of this kind of thing because he turned professional later than most other players, much later.The life story of Gerzens has been told many times by the Kicker and Gazzetta dello Sport, but a brief introduction.Born in The german-Dutch border town of Emmerich to a German father and a Dutch mother, he holds dual citizenship and is fluent in both languages.As a teenager, Gethsens was denied formal football training and relied on “wild methods”, such as school and amateur football, to learn.In 2011, at the age of 17, Gerzens went to the Dortmund youth academy for a trial, but failed. In his own words, “When I saw other young players in the trial dexterously pick up the ball, turn around and get rid of it, I was confused, my mouth was dry, even the basic movements were stiff, and the ball was 5 meters away from the target!”This trial failed, let Gesens almost gave up the dream of football.Some media are hot, Gesens life plan, plan A is to become A policeman, football is plan B.Maybe that’s the other way around.He almost became a cop, not least because his grandfather was a cop, and he was influenced as a child.It is also because when he was a teenager, he did not have great expectations of becoming a professional footballer, so he only dared to become a policeman as a pragmatic goal.”He almost became a policeman,” Gesens’s father later recalled. “I told him to play for at least one more year and keep going.”It was at the age of 18 years and 35 days that Gerzens decided to become a professional footballer when he joined Dutch club Vitesse echelon.”Until I was 18 I could only play with my friends and didn’t go through the academy,” gesens pointed out after joining Inter. “So when people asked me ‘what do you want to be when you grow up’ I always said I wanted to be a policeman like my grandfather.But then I went to Holland and everything was different…”18-year-old cristiano ronaldo, messi, had she already is a dynamic world, 18 birthday, and he didn’t accept the system of professional training, also not sure you can become a professional player, can say that he is “was a late bloomer”, the experience, made him and the other players have subtly different way of thinking.This is why Gerzens refused to join Newcastle, the “new money”, preferring the relatively low salary offered by Inter milan.Because gesens was not widely regarded as a teenager, and was rejected by the traditional powerful experience, so he is far more than ordinary people yearn for the right name, more eager to be recognized by the powerful family — this is his dream for many years, is the ultimate goal of life struggle.This is more important than making more money as a mercenary to the white Turban boss.In the interview, Gerzens recalled his first meeting with Zhang Kangyang and Pippo Inzaghi. The two giants showed high eq in their first meeting.Zhang told Gersens that he was not an owner, but an Inter fan, and asked the player to realize that he was now playing for a very prestigious club and that the team had absolute trust in him and wanted him to add glory to the shirt.”I was inspired by Zhang from my first meeting,” Gesens later recalled. “He made me realize THAT I was playing football at a very important level.”Inzaghi also used the first meeting, gesens left a deep impression.According to gazzetta dello Sport, the inter coach gave Gersens a “bear hug” when he first met him, then laughed at him and said: “You can’t break down my door now.”In the past two seasons, Guessens has hit inzaghi’s side several times, collecting two goals and two assists.Inzaghi expressed his appreciation for Guessens and quickly closed the gap.Italian media emphasized: Zhang Kangyang, small Inzaghi this move, to a 9 years ago can only play wild ball, amateur league, now because of joining the big club and the heart of the players, is the best mobilization.Italian media pointed out that just joined inter’s Gesens, in fact, some uneasy in the mind.He is not particularly confident (he said in an interview, for example, that he is not sure he is worth the $25 million transfer fee).The fact that he played for a champion club for the first time also made him nervous.It’s even harder to watch your teammates get so involved in practice that you can only run laps or bounce the ball.Against rival Perisic is now hot and fierce form, let the player pressure is greater.The more so, inter should give him more encouragement, encouragement and inspiration.Zhang Kangyang, small Inzaghi practice, is undoubtedly “right medicine”.