8 yuan onion, 30 yuan meat, 1 million yuan house, 3000 yuan salary, this is “life”?

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With the rapid development of the country, the level of personal income has significantly improved, and life has also undergone more changes, more pursuit of the quality of life.Every approach to the Chinese New Year, the prices of various products will have a corresponding increase.But this year the rise has been particularly sharp, attracting more ridicule and bringing more pressure to people’s lives.People’s life always revolves around food, clothing, housing and transportation. On the premise of meeting these aspects, we will pursue spiritual needs, but just to support the food, clothing, housing and transportation expenses, people need to pay great efforts.Which makes you wonder, what is life?Is it just 8 yuan green onion, 30 yuan meat, 1 million yuan house?In particular, while prices are soaring, our wages have not changed at all.Every Spring Festival, the price of food is a hot topic among people.People used to splurge on meals out only for special occasions or as a treat, mainly because eating out was expensive and not as affordable as eating at home.In order to save money, people generally don’t eat out every day, but live a frugal life. They have to think for a long time about a 20-yuan takeaway meal, and may not order it at last.But now because of rising prices, eating at home costs as much as eating out, and there is no difference.In the past, annual price increases have been acceptable, but this year’s price increases have reached a record high, and they are all over the place.First of all, take the most commonly eaten eggs for example, some places eggs from the original 3 to 4 yuan a catty, up to now 7 to 8 yuan a catty.Followed by vegetables, green Onions are 8 yuan a catty, two cucumbers are 4 yuan, tomatoes are the same.Last but not least, meat. Pork has risen from more than 20 yuan per catty to 30 yuan now. Beef and mutton have also reached 40 yuan per catty.These increases in daily food costs people a lot of money, a meal at home, if there is meat, buy vegetables basically 30 to 40 yuan.If you have to get some fruit to eat after the meal, it will cost even more.An apple costs about four yuan, and some, like strawberries and ugly oranges, can cost even more.A meal at home is worth a meal out, and people can no longer save money on food.But the price of these goods has not changed people’s wages at all.If it were not for the price before the rise, people would have more time to meet other needs than their basic monthly expenses.But now every month’s wages are all used to meet material needs, how to talk about spiritual needs, life pressure naturally becomes more and more big.Two, 1 million house compared to the basic daily expenses, housing prices or people’s most headache.Nowadays, most young people live in rent and strive to buy a house every day.Some of them have already bought a house, but they are overwhelmed by the monthly mortgage payments. Taking on the mortgage too early makes their life extremely stressful.According to survey statistics, some first-tier cities have entered the “ten thousand yuan era”, housing prices have been speculation to fifty thousand yuan a flat, or even higher.The housing price in the second and third tier cities is also basically 8,000 yuan per square meter, while the housing price in small cities will be lower, 3000-4000 yuan per square meter.That means it will be harder for people to buy a house, and they will struggle to pay for it every single day.Now young people who want to buy a house can choose installment payment, but the down payment of 300,000 or 400,000 yuan is not easy to get out, and the mortgage is the main source of life pressure.Today’s young people are basically “supporting the old and the young”, expenditure is very large, if the mortgage is added to it is even more difficult.Compared with the past, people’s salaries are quite high now.As early as in the 1970s and 1980s, 2000 yuan was also called a huge sum of money, but in today’s era, the national minimum wage standard is still 2000 yuan.This shows that the basic salary of most people has reached the minimum wage standard, but why are there still people living under great pressure?The most fundamental reason is the rise in prices. Prices in all aspects of clothing, food, housing and transportation have changed more or less, and housing prices have hit new highs every year.Green Onions costing 8 yuan, meat costing 30 yuan and a house costing 1 million yuan are the causes of people’s stressful life.Prices are increasing every year, but our wages are not increasing at all. People’s wages can only meet their basic needs. If they have extra expenses, they will live a tight life.The salary in first-tier cities is high, mostly at 7000-8000 yuan, and some even exceed 10,000 yuan, but the expenses are also huge. The monthly balance of rent and basic daily expenses is not large, and buying a house is even out of reach for them.Especially with rising housing prices, it is impossible to relocate in a big city.Third – and fourth-tier cities have lower housing prices than big cities and are more acceptable to people.But don’t forget, wages in third-tier and fourth-tier cities are also generally low. Buying a house is a burden for them, but without a house, they have no sense of belonging.These years, the price of all kinds of things are increasing, but the salary is still 3000 yuan salary.Where does life’s stress come from?Nowadays, especially the young people are eager for more development. They spare no effort to get out of the college entrance examination and stay in big cities, but they can’t even afford a house at last. What is the meaning of our efforts?What is the meaning of life?Every day is worrying about food and drink, rent and house. People seem to live only to survive and buy a house.While prices have risen, our wages have not changed much.Stress comes when our income falls short of our needs.Every day for firewood, rice, oil and salt, for the house, for the car, in the struggle, in the effort, this is life.How many people are afraid to ask for leave when they are sick, afraid that they will not show up at work, afraid that they will not earn enough money this month to repay the loan, open their eyes just to “live”.Conclusion Everyone’s life is a chicken feather when it is broken down, behind the bright and beautiful hidden unknown hardships, living under pressure every day.Nowadays young people have no house and car, marriage has become out of reach.Our country is developing better and better, and our living standard has skyrocketed, but we are still under pressure and living extremely hard.Finally, I would like to say that there is no problem with rising prices, but when will our wages increase?When our wages are more than enough to support our living, I think we will live happily ever after.Source: Economy Hundred said