DNF: Do you know about these patches?Can improve the game experience!

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Author: Bi ィ Spend the New Year well!This is bihua, tool person in the model area!Farewell year of the Ox to the last issue of the recommended journal!Here on behalf of the model area authors and edition staff wish you a happy New Year!All the best!BGM: Congratulations on your fortune — Andy Lau gatekeeper special effects obvious gatekeeper special effects really want to complain at the beginning, do too rules.Identification is too low, for the application of the gatekeeper 2 effect of their own strong occupation is not friendly, so the ultra high quality gatekeeper made by the moon magic group emerged at the right moment!The special effects are full, the recognition is high, and it is also very cool to say that own a strong class after the next balance will be a strong passive disappearance, so now how to use the gatekeeper?If combined with some of the original damage effects of the weapon will win the final kill!Speaking of which, when will the three-sleep suit be arranged? I want to see the three-sleep weapon costume…Wearing new clothes for Chinese New Year is hot (no), so it’s a little bit cruel to let NPCS wear such clothes in winter.But look at very astringent very sa and very design sense of the sake of difficult for everyone (DO not know now all kinds of limited NPC shape has been how many kinds of looking for a chance to turn over as a collection of authors @poetry painting libelias special effects change small stars this thing obviously has nothing to do with the practical problem of the gatekeeperThis patch is the author of a solution to this slightly uncomfortable problem.There’s no introduction, you know? Just…Very astringent, then, very two acanthostega contains a lot of rustling two acanthostega miscellaneous map, as a daily allard life adjustment very comfortable recommended two acanthostega not allergic to eat the article @maskrain little witch full ability frost and snow in winter more point this!Very cold, very cool, a little cold little witch full skill modification;Speaking of the little witch’s BUFF setting is actually a curse, so a look at the BUFF a chill can also be said, even the setting is round, so scary!Author @ magicsunz alloy fighter upgrades copy optimization only patches to be activity diagram torment you, unreasonable if new five job into this upgrade series figure after the patch is very necessary, every day for a day or two is ok and see this torture people eyes all kinds of special effects or was not solve with early, early to recommend all kinds of people use!Author @Yan ZZZ Well, this issue is recommended here, here once again I wish you a happy New Year!All the best!I said I was cooking!Congratulations you make a fortune ~ congratulations you wonderful ~ the best please come over ~ bad please go away ~Oh~ gift many people do not blame ~