The first team to quit the season?Exposed in a club disbanded, two big relegation team or all left

2022-05-14 0 By

The national football team in the 12 strong defeat, let the football association’s vision, finally pay attention to the league.It is understood that the new season of the third-tier league, the maximum probability of the resumption of home and away system, the start time is late April to mid-November.However, the crisis facing China’s third-tier league has not ended.Media people, commentary Tang Hui revealed: another Chinese club is sure not to play, directly dissolved, and has been relatively stable, not too much unpaid, ah.Earlier, Chinese Super League team Hebei announced the postponement of winter training.As to its share reform after all how, became a big suspense.Only in view of this, we are not sure whether the Hebei team can quit.So, today, tang Hui broke the club, should be the first new season out of the team, the club is who?Some people guess guizhou team.Is it possible?There is a possibility, but not a big one.Because, the media person has set “not too much back pay.”And guizhou team?When the players went online, they openly asked for their salaries.From all sources, they’re back a lot of pay.So, I’m not sure which team it is.If the club dissolves, then North Technology, which finished 17th in China league A last season, will return as the first pick.Meanwhile, the Chinese Super League team is highly likely to be disbanded.So, Dalian people fill back to the Super, and Xinjiang Tianshan snow leopard will also fill back to a.The two big relegated teams are back, the promotion and relegation of the first, also reduced to a farce.Chen shuyuan said: Football is a public welfare project.The disbanded club, apparently did not understand the Chinese football leader’s words, and did not seriously follow them.Now that it is all for the public good, if you want to think about what else to do, you should bend down and do it earnestly.But how many teams have been disbanded in the three divisions over the past two years?Is it just the golden ball?In the case of this league a club, wages are not much.It means they are one of the few teams that is running well at the moment.This kind of situation somebody else all chooses to withdraw, football association should not reflect on?Without a good, professional environment, who wants to pay to not hear a ring?You really think football is a public service?