The woman is good not to pursue, say to her this “three words”, have a good idea

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# Emotion # If you are also a person with a story come to me, click follow, want to be your intimate relationship consultant!Author: 77 original works, plagiarism will investigate!/ 1 / it is said that in the emotional world, any a relationship between men and women, is inseparable from the “liao”, “chasing a man”, the process of the said something after all, is to be in love with this man, the first in my heart with the people, for this person to move feeling, if you don’t be brave, took the lead out of the first step,If you don’t take the initiative with this person, then how could you two have crossed paths, how could there be a story?However, in the final analysis, it has to be a challenging technical task for a man to catch up with the woman he likes and “flirt” with the woman he likes. After all, women in today’s society are often smart and have their own ideas and requirements, far from the era of “arranged marriage” in the past.Many female friends have high requirements for marriage and love.Male friends want to pry the door of the woman, want to walk into each other’s world, in addition to must take sincerely, sincerely to her outside, still need a bit of skill, love a little affection, otherwise likely will be like with a elm skull deadwood, not only has no emotional appeal, and let people don’t have any interest in understanding communication,And how can you achieve what you wish to hold the beauty back?Moreover said, each woman of our this world is incomparable, disposition is more unique, want to catch up with the woman that oneself like, want to capture the woman’s heart, want to let a woman also can like to go up oneself, want to let a woman pay to have return somewhat more, this is about to see the ability of man oneself.Especially those who are difficult to chase, difficult to “liao” woman, even if their warm each other’s time again for a long time, chasing each other’s time longer, pay for energy, more women to men is when two people get to know each other at the beginning of that kind of apathy and alienation, so you should understand oneself, no matter how is less than the other.But really, in real life, not every female friends is so difficult to liao, is so hard to get, some high surface looks very cold and distant, but very easy to scrape, can let a man catch, there may be some male friends for the character of high cold light female friends, dare not go chasing each other, also dare not to “liao” each other,For those who are more enthusiastic female friends, often with a lot of male friends to get along with the female friends, but disdained to chase each other, just regard women as their good brothers.So, want to judge a female friend really good “hold up”, good chase, in fact, is very simple, to know a female friend good “hold up”, good chase, might as well to Ta say these three words “chat will”, see the woman’s reaction, know!/2/ Can I have a chat?”Can I talk to you?” and “Can I talk to you?” can be awkward conversation starters, but they are effective and instantly effective.How can I put it?If the woman is originally their own bone is very cold and alienated, and do not like men, not interested in men, men are not the least meaning.Then a woman will respond with, “Do I know you well?””, or simply refuse to say “There’s no time”, or turn the tables with “Do I know you?Refused to chat “, more indifferent woman character will also pretended not to see directly, even too lazy to reply reply, men are not nice to her, and even that will man to chat “SAO” as a woman, the man this sentence as “harassment” to his, directly to the men pull into the blacklist, then equivalent direct announced that the man is not his own food.On the contrary, those who had better good “liao”, heart very want to take off a single female friends to fall in love, they will certainly not respond warmly man, both men and women what kind of problem, no matter men to throw out what kind of topic, the woman can then, won’t let two people chat in an awkward situation.Can be seen from this, women like men, be very interested in a man is, heart to a man is more or less have some ideas, but there is also a possibility, women just have more time, then feel very boring to be lonely, and hope to talk to a man, to talk to, to, but there is no denying the fact that she really is a good chat,Easy women to chase.So male friends, want to know a female friend’s personality is really high cold, or pretend high cold, a female friend for their own, is good or bad to chase after, in fact, the woman said these three words know./3/ What do you want?There are some women that men find easy to woo and flirt with, but it’s hard to resist the idea of a gift or surprise, especially if it’s a straightforward “What do you want?” question.Ask a woman what she wants for a present and she will be very happy and excited to say what she wants.Even some would also like to dish prizes, has always been very eager to list out your own inner very quickly or want, but this thing may be a luxury handbags or clothes, price is quite expensive, women themselves don’t have enough money or have been reluctant to buy, so we would like to try to gain something by men.Don’t forget, however, this time just you two just contacts or contact stage, the relationship between the two men each other is not what lovers, more is not what love relationship, women began to beg for some famous brand or more expensive gifts, etc, may fall in the eyes of my male friends, will think women eat more ugly,If it is serious, it will make the man feel a little inferior or nauseous. Then the man will certainly lose the mood of wanting to send gifts or surprises to the woman all of a sudden, and may have a bad impression on the woman.And a more hard to get a good woman, strange man is never refer to accept gifts or surprise, when the male friends send a message to a woman “to what”, asked the woman to want what gift, most women will only respond to “thank you for your kindness, no,” or “don’t bother your pockets, I what all don’t need.”Because women know that the two of you not to like lover or lover that kind of close relationship, what they want, whether clothes or bag, can be bought for themselves and will buy for yourself, don’t need to beg for man, and if a man without following my agree, buy yourself something, or what your gift,Then a woman will surely show her agreement by giving a man something or a gift of similar value in return.So male friends, want to judge a female friend is easy to chase, or not easy to chase, two people can not further development, in fact, to women say these three words know./4/ I would like you to say that in real life, most of the female friends who are easy to pursue are completely unable to resist the invitation of male friends. Once they hear that someone wants to treat them to dinner or a movie, they will not even think about it, and they will agree to the request of the other party without hesitation.In fact, to judge whether a female friend is good or not, it depends on whether a woman will be easily moved by a male friend’s dinner or invitation.To know a better “liao”, is a good female friends, generally can’t refuse to treat male friends or invitation, especially when a male friend said to the woman, “I ask you” will be very happy, a woman will thus move, more will promise to male friend’s invitation, willing to agree with a male friend to dinner or see a movie.Friend zhang elder brother just had fun with me you know a girl little twist, feminine beauty, because looks a bit like used her girl’s identity, advantage of opposite sex friend around everywhere, as long as one is to hear each other treat to have a meal, as long as it is without pay for their own, the girl will not hesitate to promise, even if they are eaten two people together so many times,Just didn’t see the lime tao once, bought a single, really a little skin no face.And Zhang Ge also said, in the eyes of male friends, such a female friend as lime no problem even if good chase, good tease, but may be many men know, completely disdain to chase ta, because the man’s heart will feel, and such a woman in love together, really too off grade.After all that is bad to chase, not good female friends, as long as the other party is not oneself of the person you like, even if women received each other’s invitation, will also find a more appropriate and reasonable reason to push to take off each other politely, if say the other is by working with clients, or the other party is too appealing proposal,Then women will also know how to go Dutch or return the offer directly next time, never give people over money can be some evidence.Is usually difficult to chase women tend to like these are going to be very good at refused to male friend invitation or treat, even if the other party how to seduce yourself, no matter how expensive to go please her male friend said the five-star hotel, for how luxury of rich dinner, female friends heart is not moved, anyway, she is not casually promised to treat a man,Have your own principles.Remember Liu Yuning once sang “you say love” there is such a paragraph of lyrics: “slowly get along with, slowly together, slowly walk together, like is not casually can start and end of things.In short, in the process of sexual intercourse, there may be some male friends face some bad “liao”, some is bad to chase the girl, will be very direct and decisive choose to give up each other, and some male friends, the more often encounter some bad to chase, the more bad “liao” female friends, the more I want to catch up, the more I want to capture each other’s heart.But to say, each of us in the face of love, or to know what one can do, after all, in the final analysis, the feelings are mutual, strong twist melon also will not sweet, only between men and women two feelings mutually pleasing, concomitant love is the most happy and sweet, but also can go to the last, look well-known ah!- End – Today’s topic, has anyone ever said this to you? 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