Tian Jing called the children to get up, see Qi Qi “hug” Yueyue sleep do not give up, was sister under the order

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Recently, Tian Jing posted a video on her social media platform, in which she came home after a night shift and found her two children still asleep. She asked Tian’s mother what time the children went to bed at night and then asked them to get up.Although the two children are still small, but already have their own bed, but a room, Tian Jing saw Qi Qi “hug” yue Yue sleep also do not give up.Two children and sleep on a bed, you can see how deep the feelings of the two sisters, Qi Qi lying on the bed, with an arm to block Yue Yue’s face, Tian Jing called several times, the two children are not moving.As the mother of the children, she certainly knew what the two little ones were thinking. Seeing that the children did not move, Tian Jing immediately said nothing and pretended to walk away. In fact, she was watching to see what else the two sisters would do.After hearing no sound, Qiqi raised his head for a moment and immediately lay down. Unwittingly, Yueyue asked her mother quietly if she had left.Qiqi said no, such behavior, only children can do it, is really funny.After being discovered by her mother, they pretended to get up, but Qiqi lowered his head and continued to hug Yueyue, as if he even kissed his sister secretly.The tian Jing wake up without fruit, but also miserable sister under the order, Yue Yue said “sleep for five minutes, go out”, sister to mother talk is not polite.Tian Jing see two children can not call up, so also no longer call them, decided to two children will lie in bed again, see mother out, Qi Qi and Yue Yue said in unison to mother “bye”, have to say that is his own child.Before long, Tian Ma will dress Qi Qi, Tian Jing to Yue Yue hair, ready to go out on the interest class, although it is Saturday, but the children can not rest.Today’s society is like this, all parents let their children on all kinds of interest classes, in order not to let the children lose in the starting line, but the child’s pressure becomes greater, this is also unable to change the status quo.It is also a big problem to let children go out to class on weekends. Yueyue is very well-behaved and wears her shoes, while naughty Qiqi kicks her shoes out.Angry tian Ma scolded Qi Qi, it was not easy to put on his clothes, shoes, two adults one to send a, finally smooth out of the door.Although Qiqi is very naughty, he really loves his sister, and Yueyue also knows how to take care of her brother. The two children are so sensible, which has a lot to do with their family.Because the two children grew up in a loving family, the relationship between sister and brother is so deep. The family are all kind people, and the children are also influenced by their parents. What’s your opinion on this?