Winter Olympics scene report | Wukesong Sports Center ice hockey training

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Journalists watch ice hockey training at wukesong Sports Center for Beijing Winter Olympic Games in Beijing, Capital of China, Jan. 30, 2018.Wukesong Sports Center has opened the ice and media center on 27th, and officially entered the competition operation state.There were three official practices and one match, with the Canadian women’s hockey team playing in the morning.Since women’s ice hockey became an official sport at the 1998 Nagano Games, Canada has dominated with four gold MEDALS and two silver MEDALS.The picture shows the Canadian team coach and some members watching the training.There are 13 members of team Canada with Olympic experience, six of them gold medalists, with an average age of 27.The picture shows the Canadian team defense and goalie exchange.According to the reporter’s observation, the Canadian team was divided into three groups of red, white and black in the training, focusing on the practice of half-court offense and defense and “more fighting, less defense and more.”The picture shows three groups of Canadian team members practicing technical and tactical cooperation.According to the rules of the ice hockey game, the athletes wear special skates, protective gear and clothing, holding the club in the ice field to hit the ball, hit the other goal more wins.The picture shows a Canadian attacking player swinging a club for a shot.As the tempo of attack and defense is very fast, the ice hockey game is very enjoyable, known as “the game of the brave”.The picture shows two members of the Canadian team fighting fiercely.According to the schedule, 58 ice hockey matches will be held at the Beijing Winter Olympics.Among them, the women’s ice hockey competition from February 3 to 17, a total of 28 games, the original eight teams expanded to 10, divided into two groups.The picture shows the Canadian team attacking from the side.After the training, the reporter interviewed Rebecca Johnston, member of Team 6 of Canada, in the mixed interview area.The forward, a two-time Olympic gold medalist, told reporters that team Canada moved into the Village five days ago and the girls on the team were happy and excited to start the journey.”The facilities are fantastic, the food is varied, the rooms and beds are nice and we all love to take pictures with the Olympic rings.”Johnston said it was her first visit to Beijing and she was very excited.Knowing that the Chinese New Year was coming, Johnston took this opportunity to extend his best wishes to Chinese friends, saying, “I wish you all a happy, safe and healthy New Year.”The Media Center of wukesong Sports Center has a working area and a rest area for journalists and photographers.The picture shows a scene of text reporter working area.Volunteers from Beijing Foreign Studies University and other universities will provide considerate service for Chinese and foreign media reporters before and during the competition.The picture shows a group photo of volunteers and the year of the Tiger mascot on the reception desk.QuPeng perturbation