What kind of gap does guangxi south guangxi North exist?What are their styles?

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Guangxi is a region with beautiful landscapes, rich cultural customs and colorful ethnic culture. The people of Guangxi are hospitable, honest and kind. I believe that everyone who has been to Guangxi can deeply feel the unique charm of Guangxi.Due to the regional differences between the north and south of Guangxi, guangxi has presented different styles in many aspects.Due to the influence of geographical location, the diet of people in northern Guangxi is more xiang flavor, with thick taste, mainly sour, hot and salty.It can be seen from the representative snail noodles, soup cut noodles, red oil rice noodles, Guilin rice noodles, vinegar blood duck and so on that they attach great importance to seasoning.The southern Guinan diet is light, focusing on the original taste of food materials, similar to cantonese taste.The powder of the southern region, the soup base is very clear, but the ingredients are very demanding.The farther south you go, the less you see chili peppers in your diet.The character of the people in Northern Guangxi is as hot as their food.Guinan people also like their food, quiet and soft.When I was in college outside of the province, we had a guangxi association and got together from time to time.At that time, it was obvious that people in Northern Guangxi spoke loudly, had explosive temper, and did things cheerfully and boldly. They were a little bit careless, and tended to be chuan-Xiang.The South Guangxi people are relatively gentle, low-key temper, delicate mind, not too love publicity.He was joking, but the overall atmosphere was much softer.Due to the differences in climate conditions, people in northern Guangxi are relatively tall and white, and pay attention to fashion.The guinan people, on the other hand, are relatively petite and have darker skin due to ultraviolet light.The nose of the people in the north of Guangxi is high, and the people in the south of Guangxi have double eyelids and big eyes.The culture of north Guangxi is mainly “Hunan-Guangxi corridor culture belt”. The central Plains culture and Xiang-Chu culture were introduced earlier and blended with the local culture for a long time.The south of Guangxi is dominated by Lingnan culture, Pearl River culture and Luoyue culture, which are blended with Southeast Asian culture and have strong regional characteristics.Ethnic distribution Guangxi is an area where many ethnic groups live in compact communities. The integration of many cultures makes Guangxi present a colorful cultural phenomenon.In the north of Guangxi, dong, Yao and Miao are the main ethnic minorities, while in the south, Zhuang are the main ethnic minorities.Therefore, the zhuang township culture in south Guangxi is relatively rich, while the national culture in north Guangxi is relatively complex and rich.Economy The economic development of northern Guangxi depends not only on industry, but also on silkworm industry, citrus, shatian pomelo and other planting industries.Guilin, known as “the best mountain and water under heaven”, has been vigorously developing tourism. Liuzhou, a new Internet celebrity city, has been upgrading its industry with river snail noodles.The development of southern Guangxi mainly depends on industry, trade and agricultural and sideline industries such as sugarcane and citrus.The implementation of “strong capital strategy” will focus on the development of Nanning, and then nanning will drive the development of surrounding cities.As for whether Nanning may become the industrial leader of Guangxi, we wait and see.