Yan ‘an Town, Jiangnan District: The “Acceleration” of promoting spring Farming led by party Construction

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Nanning cloud – nanning news network news (reporter Hui-ting li correspondent Tseng chia-min) during the spring season key, in order to ensure the spring farming preparation work orderly, in recent days, the jiangnan area of yan ‘an town party committee adhere to the overall planning, focus on building the party lead “I does the practical work for the masses”, the use of good rural rich practical and leaders, the party vanguard actively play a leading role,We will improve the quality and efficiency of our work related to agriculture, rural areas and farmers, and deliver timely rains to rural households through spring ploughing.Yan ‘an Town in Jiangnan District helped improve the quality and efficiency of the work related to agriculture, rural areas and farmers.Party member cadre walks base service project.In the banana planting bases of Jingde village and Naqi Village, the secretary of the village Party General Branch took the initiative to contact the person in charge and coordinate to solve problems such as drainage, project expansion and land lease.In south China village forest, town, village cadres led a kind of medicinal materials enterprise responsible person to view the terrain, soil quality, grab spring sowing season.The commissioner made visits to solve problems.In the face of a series negative influence of freezing rain weather, yanan town GuaRen autonomous region science and technology correspondent Xie Xiang comrades and the “five new” party members to guide the village spring planting work, insight into the fields on the ground to see the villagers grow food crops growth conditions, planting varieties, sowing time node, guide to do a good job of weeding and fertilization, plant diseases and insect pests control, etc.Jiangnan district Yan ‘an town for farmers sent to spring tillage timely rain star party organization pull the line experts.As a three-star party organization, Yan ‘an town agricultural service center Party branch to “mass demand” as the guide, give full play to resource advantages, in view of the needs of fruit growers, invited Guangxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences Professor Tang to teach fruit papaya planting technology to Ping Nan village, to guide the masses to carry out industrial structure adjustment injected a heart.”Thank you very much for coming down to guide us in time. I am sure this year’s harvest will be better than usual!”Community get rid of poverty tang Caifang happily said.The household is expected to develop more than 10 acres of watermelon interplanting sugarcane industry, in previous years the harvest is poor, the analysis of the commissioner Xie Xiang, to help her find out the reason, and guide fertilization soil, full of confidence.It is reported that Yan ‘an town actively mobilized the masses of party members to carry out watermelon, sugar cane, pepper, eggplant and other spring planting industry spring tillage preparation work, guide the masses to seize the farming time, prepare enough tillage agricultural resources.At the same time, give full play to the grid function of the party branch of the star-level management, establish the pioneer agricultural technology service group of party members, mobilize “soil experts” “Tian Xiucai” “planting and raising large households” to study, exchange, talk about planting technology, to improve the output of agricultural products together to give advice, for the whole town a good start in the New Year agricultural production.Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with it in time.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com