How to deal with “professional anti-counterfeiting” Chengdu lawyers online teaching

2022-05-16 0 By

Red star news network (reporter Qin Xia) on March 15 reported that encountered professional fake, encountered “false 1 compensate 100” requirements, how should the enterprise do…On the afternoon of 15th, the “315 Special Activity (10th session) of Lixi Law for Navigation and Rule of Law benefiting Enterprises (10th session)” sponsored by Guixi Street Rule of Law Construction Office of Chengdu High-tech Zone, undertaken by Beijing Baoying (Chengdu) Law Firm and co-organized by Ting Cubic · Sichuan Zhuo ‘an Law Firm gave the answer.Due to the epidemic situation, the event was broadcast live online. The speaker, lawyer Xing Lianchao, explained the hot and difficult issues that enterprises were concerned about one by one.The live broadcast was watched by more than 6,800 people.This activity, Xing Lianchao lawyer to focus on the interpretation of the “Consumer rights and Interests protection Law”.Combined with life’s little case about the safety of consumers, independent choice, informed and fair trade, get compensation, respected, association, access to relevant knowledge, nine rights of supervision and criticism, also tells the operator’s obligations at the same time, when consumer dispute occurs, how to effectively solve, operators and producers to bear the responsibility, etc.Only when enterprises trade fairly and compete fairly can consumers’ rights and interests be better protected. Only in a fair and honest consumption environment can consumers feel more secure in their consumption.In this regard, the person in charge of the Legal construction office of Guixi Sub-district of Chengdu High-tech Zone said that in the future gaoxin Guixi will continue to increase efforts to popularize law, establish a good legal culture environment in the community, and create a good business environment.