In 2021, jiangsu province will be the biggest winner in terms of GDP per capita

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Recently, local statistics have published a GDP list of their own. In the competition for 2021, Jiangsu has played the most surprising role, winning the first province in China’s GDP increment, and the gap between Guangdong and Jiangsu is narrowing.Hubei province also rose rapidly after the epidemic. By 2021, it had basically recovered its daily life and business, and its GDP strength had also returned to the early stage of the epidemic and regained its position.In terms of GDP per capita, which reflects the common prosperity of a region, Zhejiang took the lead, ranking first among all provinces, while in terms of cities with GDP per capita (above five million cities), Jiangsu swept the board, taking three of the top five cities.# per capita GDP#  according to the census of population for the seventh time for statistical data, we can made the related data, we could see very clearly to wuxi, jiangsu province, suzhou, nanjing, respectively ranked the first, third, fourth position, four major cities of Beijing, shenzhen, Shanghai’s ranking is not bad, as for guangzhou ranked 10 away.The top three cities in Jiangsu still play a strong pulling force, and their GDP growth rate has reached 10%, which is less affected by the epidemic. Their industries, trade and financial industry are all making rapid progress, and their PER capita GDP is also rising.Beijing has narrowed the gap with Wuxi. In the past year, Beijing has reached 4 trillion yuan in GDP.A series of economic activities took place in Beijing last year, the most important of which was the establishment of the New Third Board. In addition, the rapid increase of passenger flow at Daxing Airport enhanced the local economic strength.In early 2022, Beijing will bring a world sports feast, when Beijing will be the attention of the whole world.Shenzhen’s performance last year has been criticized for being significantly slower than other cities and being narrowed by its big brother, Guangzhou.In 2021, Shenzhen was greatly affected by the epidemic, and the speed of shenzhen interfered with the normal life track to a certain extent.In addition, the formerly strong industrial chain is now losing population due to the outflow of a large number of factories, and Dongguan and Huizhou are beneficiaries.Shanghai is also a member of the club of 4 trillion yuan for 21 years. It has not given up the pace of strong progress. Its per capita GDP is not far from the top five, and IT is believed that Shanghai will be among the top five soon.At the end of 2021, the country also adopted a mode of electricity and production restriction, which to some extent restrained the growth of its own industry, but in the longer term, to ensure the sales conversion rate of its own products, so as to prevent a poor sales after the resumption of work abroad.