LOL-LCK: Canyon beat KDF 2-0 with ease

2022-05-16 0 By

On February 25th, Beijing time, DK beat KDF 2-0 easily to win the LCK spring tournament.The first inning KDF: Gwen, Olaf, ritz, urban Fiji ryukyu, bud erna DK: Carrie, Sagittarius, o card, sikkink wire, 10 minutes before the game, the DK firmly seize control of the match rhythm, DK, the first team to help on the road of Carrie caught dead without flash Gwen, and come with card in the card to the road behind the tower struck KDF eritrea Fiji ryukyu.DK’s rhythm of Gank is very good, KDF’s Olaf has no chance to Gank chose to control resources.In the middle of the match, THE DK team continued to expand the advantage of the team by killing the KDF’s down path through two waves of down and round back.DK also took advantage of his vision and defense tower to take down two dragons.In the game 23 minutes, the two sides around the dragon group, this is thought to be DK in the bag, but KDF Olaf in front of the DK five grabbed, the success of the game and delay, so that the team has the opportunity to develop.Late game DK continued to operate to win dragon and fire dragon soul, KDF in the face of DK “Shuanglong Hui” positive hard just unable to resist, was eventually DK bulldoze highland to win the game.Second inning KDF: pretty king, blind monk, the CARDS, urban Fiji ryukyu, bud erna DK: Gwen, NOC, ritz, sikkink wire, game opening 10 minutes, the two sides each have to kill each other, first under the DK group in phase to the line got the KDF urban Fiji ryukyu and a blood, KDF then with the help of the card in the card, and slew of the DK sikkink silk.Game to 20 minutes, in this 10 minutes, KDC control to two dragons, but let DK in this time to catch several wave opportunities, DK’s double C also in this 10 minutes equipment development directly more than KDF.In terms of resources, DK also successfully controlled the third dragon to prevent KDF from “listening to cards”.When the game came to the late stage, DK chose to take the dragon directly, and KDF came and failed to stop DK.DK tried to take advantage of the Tai Lung buff to get to high ground, but KDF kept defending and didn’t give DK a chance.Finally in 34 minutes, DK’s nightmare and teammates in the middle caught the opportunity to open the group, the direct group to destroy KDF, the middle of a wave to end the game.