Optimize the business environment of Guanyinqiao Street, Jiangbei District, upgrade the convenience facilities of ninth Street

2022-05-16 0 By

Recently, Jiangbei District Guanyinqiao street organization area property company held on the optimization of the nine street business environment, upgrade the file nine street convenience facilities pledge division mobilization conference.At this meeting, the urgent problems of ninth Street were discussed and solutions were proposed around the relevant problems.According to big nine street office of a recent poll, nine street as a key of chongqing urban tourism scenic area, one of daily visitors to meet the country and around the world, and thus often face the situation of the tourist hotels “overload, nine street, and when, after a large number of tourists flocked to the use of all kinds of urban infrastructure construction are facing huge pressure.”The difficulty of finding a toilet” has become the most embarrassing and prominent problem in ninth Street.In this regard, the person in charge of the dajiu Street office put forward two suggestions to solve the problem: first, the property company should make reasonable use of the existing places and transform them into public toilets;Each property company shall count and report the toilets that can be used for opening to the outside world as soon as possible, and submit the design scheme for upgrading public toilets by the end of the month based on the original basic facilities and the advanced standards for each business district;Second, in light of local conditions, we should give full play to our own advantages, improve corresponding infrastructure, and optimize the business environment.At the meeting, the person in charge of the 9th Street office also earnestly said: “The 9th Street toilet ‘self-revolution’ is at hand, we must show determination and courage to improve the 9th Street infrastructure construction as the starting point, step by step to achieve the 9th Street business environment greatly improved.”The person in charge of the comprehensive administrative law enforcement Team proposed that when the ninth Street infrastructure public facilities are upgraded, the corresponding convenience facilities optimization and follow-up maintenance services should also be synchronized.In terms of convenience facilities optimization, we should focus on the guide system, and the guide card should be unified, aesthetic, modern and practical.Using the advanced electronic guide system, not only in line with the current use of people’s habits, but also to achieve beautiful and practical purposes, both let people understand, and let people experience comfort and convenience in the use of the process;At the same time, the follow-up maintenance and service of convenience facilities should also be synchronized, and the responsibility should be implemented to the company, so as to ensure that the construction and maintenance of the “public toilet revolution” is effective.The property company on behalf of all positive response, after the property company representative said: “the toilet revolution for each property company we nine street, is both opportunity and challenge, under the guidance of the district government and policy support, we should join hands to jointly build our beautiful nine street, power optimization nine street business environment.”Source: Guanyinqiao Street Correspondent: Longjing