Really dig!Du Xinzhi bought clothes for her grandson Kai Kai, and her mother was obviously unhappy

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The Spring Festival is coming soon. Before that, Xiong Lei also brought Du Xinzhi and his wife to spend the New Year together. When Xiong Lei broadcast live, he also let his parents-in-law appear together.For children, every New Year is basically to buy new clothes, like Du Xinzhi as Kai Kai’s grandmother, plus the daughter-in-law’s side of the New Year, is really to show.Du Xinzhi and his wife followed his mother and so on shopping together, a family to pick clothes, but Du Xinzhi has been looking at cheap clothes, this is also ridiculed by netizens this old Du is really dig!In theory, they are basically separated relatives, and they want to give their last everything to their descendants. However, in Du Xinzhi, it seems different!When Du Xinzhi has been holding the cheap clothes of the time, can see xiong Lei with the old mother has been a face of displeasure!Before, xu Min bought good clothes for his grandson Kai Kai, the results when Du Xinzhi became kai Kai’s grandmother, the treatment of Kai Kai and before have been a difference in heaven!In Xiong Lei du Xinzhi to see the children to see such stall goods, it is hard to avoid feeling unhappy, after all, kai kai before wearing clothes are better, suddenly Du Xinzhi came to lower the grade, Xiong Lei how could be happy?The 28 years of wrong life events are still continuing to ferment, Du Xinzhi can be said to be full of brain kind of lawsuit, DO not know why this psychological tolerance is really severe, has been like a nothing.Xiong Lei always all sorts of praise oneself pro mother-in-law Du Xinzhi, do not know xiong Lei’s praise, whether Du Xinzhi can see through Xiong Lei is sincere?Xiong Sanshi mouth house heart benevolent pro woman than Xu Ma ten thousand miles, to buy kai Kai stall goods is thrifty performance, Xiong Sanshi should be satisfied with it.The shrewd construction, after three stone house other men live, money is also other men, the son also had to call other men to be father.I saw through it. You’re still wet behind the ears.My son needs a liver to save his life!Need money to buy medicine to renew life to ten thousand still have to calculate Madam Xu to borrow hundreds of thousands!Also ceng eat ceng drink Lady Xu’s!Poison heart zhi transformed Xiong Sanshi, let her become a self-reliant person, have to admire Old Du!This time, Xiong Lei can live with her mother-in-law, who is diligent and thrifty, and has a kind heart. It is good that she will have abundant financial resources in the future, and her child’s future life will be guaranteed.Xu Ma to buy good, in xiong Lei there is not going to live, she is not to say poison mother will live, so will live of course to buy ground stall goods.Thank god, let du and xiong can become the bride and wife, the liberation of Xu Ma, no matter what they wear, buy what they like to buy what!