Shahe city station police station: Safe Spring Festival adhere to me

2022-05-16 0 By

Hebei News (correspondent Wang Long) January 30th, the Spring Festival is approaching, in shahe city police station zhangcun station a police station is carrying out a day’s work as usual, this has been his continuous work for 36 days.His name is Ran Hefan, 58 years old this year, the current Shahe Police station, level 4 senior police chief, 33 years in the police, handled nearly 100 cases, patrol more than 10,000 kilometers, along the rule of law publicity more than 2,000 times, has won the title of excellent Communist Party member for 8 consecutive years, because of the line familiar, known as “”.HuoDeTu & quot;.In 2015, Ran moved to Tianjin to take care of the elderly and their children.On January 8, 2022, due to the epidemic in Tianjin, the Jinnan community where Ran Hefan lived was closed, and he could only go in and out. As the Spring Festival travel rush was approaching, Ran discussed with his family to keep working in the workplace and not go home.His son was quarantined due to the epidemic, so he decided to give up going home and stick to the Spring Festival travel rush, leaving the responsibility of taking care of his parents, who are nearly 90 years old, and their grandson, who is less than 3 years old, to his wife and daughter-in-law.He turned his thoughts and guilt for his family into motivation and devoted himself to the security work of the Spring Festival travel rush.Inheritance ordinary day hold responsibility, faith, begin from patrol, ran the teacher with a young policemen wang lung open a day of work, passing through the village, he patiently to past the villagers about safety knowledge, to the railway internal units carefully carry out fire control inspection, so busy and ordinary day passed quickly, ran the teacher often speak a word, “let’s line, like a child,Only with good daily care can it get sick less and less.”Wang Lung asked Master Ran, “Is Master Ran homesick for the Spring Festival?””Don’t want it to be false, but since the choice to do the police, it is necessary to understand as a police must be in front of the critical moment of major tasks, to have the spirit of selfless dedication, give up the small family for everyone is my responsibility should shoulder, because we are a police, to live up to this uniform.”Replied Maester Ran.As a grassroots railway police officer, Ran Hefan works carefully and is willing to devote himself to his work. He sets an example for young police officers with practical actions. He is committed to his duties based on his post and shows his responsibility as a loyal police soul.Pay attention to Hebei news network for the latest news in Hebei.