Did that happen to your trunk on the way home?

2022-05-17 0 By

Palm qujing news happy and peaceful New Year’s Eve, China together.The Spring Festival holiday is coming to an end in a blink of an eye, and those who have gone out to work or study have to set foot on their way back.Home is the beginning of departure, is the beginning of sailing.The suitcase back with the elder’s love, but also to the New Year a new start.The family prepared all kinds of hometown specialties, not only the taste of hometown, but also the “taste” of family love.The suitcase on the return trip is always heavier than the suitcase on the return trip. It is heavy and full of family love, and the taste of home warms the hearts of those who have left home.Carefully observe the family to prepare the trunk, the variety is not necessarily many, but the amount must be large.As long as the trunk is big enough, I wish I could fill it with delicious food for a year.In fact, not only the Spring Festival, usually every time back home, family is in this simple and simple way, silently love us.The most beautiful thing in the world is that we have grown up and our parents are not old yet. I hope we can cherish every moment together.(Li Zehui)