Guangxi folk songs played in the Bird’s Nest

2022-05-17 0 By

On the evening of February 4, during the warm-up performance of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, when the tune of “Sing folk songs here, sing harmony here, sing harmony there” was played, as a journalist from Guangxi, I was filled with pride.Looking back on August 8, 2008 evening held the Opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games, xiangyun torch after Xu Haifeng, Gao Min, Li Xiaoshuang, Zhan Xugang, Zhang Jun, Chen zhong, Sun Jinfang hand after legend, “gymnastics prince” Li Ning then appeared, he in the “flying man” way lit the Beijing Olympic Games torch and detonated the audience.At that time with reporters watching the opening ceremony of liaoning counterparts blurted out “Guangxi too cattle”!Indeed, all the time, Li Ning is a flag of Guangxi sports, no matter from which point of view, the founding of the New China 70 years those stars of the world champion, “gymnastics prince” Li Ning is around a monument.He reached heights that many years later were still unattainable.Lit the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games cauldron, from Guangxi to the world “prince of gymnastics” in the 100-year History of the Olympic Games wrote a powerful pen.The “Bird’s Nest” that night carried the glory of guangxi people.At the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, when liu Sanjie’s folk song sounded, it seemed to tell people that competitive sports in Guangxi were still striving for progress these years.At the important moment of national competitive sports, guangxi elements are never lacking.In recent years, many guangxi athletes have been active in the national training team of winter events, such as Luo Mingxiu, the 2021 National Youth Alpine Skiing Championship double champion, and Zhong Huachao, the 2021 America’s Cup freestyle slalom pursuit champion. They are chasing higher level competitions.Although unable to participate in the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, but Zhong Huachao and other eight Guangxi ice and snow athletes still as technical officials to participate in the global attention of the event.”I’m lucky to be the technical officer of ski jumping. Although I can’t compete in the games, I can also learn from my experience and accumulate energy for snow and ice sports in Guangxi by participating in the Beijing Winter Olympics.”Luo mingxiu said.