Hunan province has issued new rules to increase the difficulty of art exams, drawing lines for history and physics from 2024

2022-05-17 0 By

The 2022 art college entrance examination ushered in a relatively big change, many universities have also cancelled the enrollment of art students.In addition, also put forward the requirement to the cultural course result, the specialized examination also should carry on the province unified examination.And these are just the beginning of the reform of the art college entrance examination.Recently, Hunan issued the new policy of art examination, art professional examination will gradually reform, clear the requirements of cultural courses.Professional examination is very important for art students.According to the scoring method of the art college entrance examination in 2021, professional scores account for 70%.Also because of its importance, in the art college entrance examination, the improvement of professional examination is imperative.The improvement of professional examination also mainly revolves around fairness.Art students still have to take the provincial examination for professional examination, which is organized by the provincial examination institute. Even if they take the school examination, they must be the students who pass the provincial examination.From 2024, provincial colleges and universities will no longer be able to set up test centers in other provinces, and colleges and universities from other provinces will not be able to set up test centers in Hunan.If there is a school test, it can only be organized in the school location.Schools outside the province do not set up test sites in Hunan, which will also make candidates become inconvenient.The education authorities will also encourage colleges and universities outside the province to take online exams or submit their works for assessment.This can also solve the examinee’s worries.The provincial examination for art majors will also increase the number of examiners, and the ratio of examiners outside the province and outside the university will also gradually increase, which may reach more than half by 2024.Invigilation and evaluation will also become more objective, which is a good thing for professional candidates.There are also adjustments in the examination room. If there are more than one examination room in the same subject, there will be lots drawn to determine the random arrangement of examiners, examinees and interview rooms before the examination.From the perspective of professional examination mechanism, it is more and more strict, but also more and more fair.From 2023, the “evaluation separation” method will be adopted gradually.In terms of the admission of art students, cultural courses and professional results must reach the latest cut-off line, even if the university to take the school test is also so.Professional examination to participate in the provincial examination, the results in the lowest score line above.Cultural class scores music, fine arts, calligraphy art and calligraphy education to achieve the general category of undergraduate minimum admission line 75%, dance, performance (drama film and television performance, costume performance, opera performance) for the general category of undergraduate minimum admission line 70%.Director class, broadcast and host art class, photography camera class requirements should be higher, achieve the lowest admission line of ordinary class undergraduate course.The requirements for academic performance have also been clarified.In addition, history and physics will be arranged and underlined in a unified way from 2024.