Shen Shaolin: Shaodong city supervision veteran’s persistence

2022-05-17 0 By

Xinhua TV network news (correspondent Liu Bo) Shen Shaolin, a shaodong city market supervision administration will retire in 11 months, 330 days of ordinary cadres, at the grassroots stick to more than 30 years.In the spring of 2022, it was cold and the epidemic was still unfolding.In the protracted battle against the epidemic, the soon-to-retire city supervisor has always been on the front line of epidemic prevention and control.He is a “soldier” fighting against the virus, is a “brave man” racing against time, with responsibility and mission to protect the people’s safety lifeline.He is deeply aware of the complexity, difficulty and repeatability of the current epidemic prevention and control, and has put people and lives above everything else. He has made epidemic prevention and control the top priority, strengthened confidence and stayed focused, and made every effort to win the battle against the epidemic with the most resolute, powerful and effective measures.Cold chain sales is his battlefield, duty on the shoulder, daily patrol.He strictly performs the supervision duties, strictly the import of cold chain food warehouse inspection, warehouse safety, closed management, strict implementation of the “seven days and two inspections”, “three special four no”, strictly check the “eight no” violations of laws and regulations, do solid and detailed prevention and control measures, strict import of cold chain first.Drugstore is sentry, he day and night inspection, with the pace of measuring peace.Keep the door shut.Customers entering the store are strictly required to wear masks and show health codes, and the store arranges special personnel to take temperature measurements of customers entering the store.Check in properly.The purchase of monitored drugs shall be carried out with real name, and the relevant information of pharmacies shall be reported in real time.Guard the lock-up.Those who find yellow and red codes in pharmacies are forbidden to sell drugs to them.Sales control of “four categories of drugs”, early detection and early reporting of suspected patients, and nucleic acid testing of employees should be fully inspected. He has always been nervous and guarded the safety of citizens.He supervised the implementation of the “six hundred percent”, “scan code, measure temperature and wear mask” system, the distance between meals, the actual number of tables used, staff temperature detection, indoor daily disinfection and ventilation and other epidemic prevention and control measures.A city supervisor’s responsibility and responsibility for the epidemic has seriously affected the business of the restaurant owners not only actively cooperate, no complaints, but also the work of the city supervision bureau thumbs up.Business super is the key.In the face of the epidemic, there is more or less panic among the masses, buying up daily necessities and epidemic prevention supplies.He not only urged supermarkets and supermarkets to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, improve the epidemic prevention and control system, reserve epidemic prevention materials, establish a health monitoring system for employees, conduct nucleic acid screening for employees, carry out COVID-19 vaccination, sterilized and ventilated the environment on time, set up “one meter line” and post the location code and health code map.For the elderly who do not use or do not know how to operate smart phones and other groups, manual registration services should be guided.They also actively publicized the country’s epidemic prevention and control policies and the current situation of the epidemic, telling people not to panic, rational consumption and rational treatment.Chi does not seek easy, things do not take refuge, do not hedge, “epidemic” road forward.Under the epidemic situation, Shaodong city market supervisor brave bear mission, always online, let the party flag flying in the war “epidemic” position, market supervisor bear writing in the war “epidemic” front line.”Family is what we always care about. Every Baymax who has been on the front line of the fight against COVID-19 has close family ties that are hard to part with.But I don’t just have a family. I have people.I am just a small part of the many market watchers who give up their homes for us to restore peace and prosperity to our city and our country as soon as possible.Born in China, I feel honored!As a market supervision cadre, I feel proud!”The city’s veteran anti-epidemic “baymax” said.