The distinction of inductrial injury danger and accident danger

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Industrial injury insurance and accident insurance distinction 1, concept distinction, industrial injury insurance is a kind of social security, is paid by the unit for the employee, mainly for the work of industrial injury accidents, accident insurance is a kind of commercial insurance, mainly for personal accidents and so on;2, there is a difference between the beneficiary, the beneficiary of industrial injury insurance is himself and his unit, the beneficiary of accident insurance only himself;3, the coverage of the difference, more than the scope of accidents, industrial injury insurance is no longer undertaken.We all buy insurance for ourselves, but we don’t know the difference, and some of us buy it blindly, which is just overpaying.How to distinguish the difference between insurance 1, if it is injured on the job, then need to use industrial injury insurance to pay, for example, the employee was injured by parts in the workshop, the compensation proportion of industrial injury insurance is higher, including medical expenses, disability compensation, industrial injury medical treatment, etc..The compensation of accident danger pays scale than inductrial injury danger low, limit much however, the requirement also wants, having strict requirement to compensation paying condition.2, inductrial injury insurance needs us to deliver every month, and it is to give labor bureau, but commercial insurance is to collect fees by year normally, it is to give insurance company, so this also is the distinction on both essence.When we use insurance compensation, we should be clear about the details of insurance, so that it will be more convenient to use in the future.