“The world” : “governor’s daughter” Hao Dongmei, not worthy of “generous and righteous” Zhou Bingyi

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At first, I liked Hao Dongmei very much, but these episodes have changed me.After hao Dongmei’s parents were rehabilitated, her father was reinstated as a senior official, and the family moved into a small mansion in the provincial Party compound, returning to their former comfortable life.But what about Hao Dongmei’s parents?They did not even want to recognize Zhou Bingyi as a son-in-law, and treated the Zhou family with extreme arrogance and contempt.Everyone is patronized to hate Hao Dongmei’s parents, but have you ever thought about who allowed her parents’ attitude?After all, it wasn’t Hao Dongmei.When we discuss the contradiction between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, we often say that the mother-in-law’s attitude towards her daughter-in-law is only allowed by her son.What about your son-in-law? It is also the same. What attitude your in-laws take towards your son-in-law and your in-laws’ family is, in the final analysis, your own permission.For two years, hao Dongmei as the zhou family’s sister-in-law, and what did the Zhou family do?Of course, you may say bingyi don’t want to trouble his daughter-in-law, but bingyi is in Beijing to go to school, belongs to the “heaven high emperor far”, Hao Dongmei but in their hometown to go to school, these two years I also didn’t see Hao Dongmei to help zhou jia what.How to say mother-in-law treat dongmei is good, but dongmei this daughter-in-law come to see?You can not personal care, this is ok, but have you thought about bingkun and Zheng Juan couple to share some?Dongmei not this heart, bingyi don’t let, bingkun and Zheng Juan don’t want to trouble her, she also ended up with a relaxed.Dongmei has been enjoying the good zhou family to her and bingyi good to her, she never thought how to take their own actions to repay the zhou family, to repay so deeply love their bingyi she never thought to share some of bingyi, not to mention for bingkun and Zheng Juan to share.In the face of her parents’ neglect of the Zhou family, she just pout, play a girl’s temper, and then did not listen to her parents.Parents look down on the Zhou family, but can they control you?Hao Dongmei really have this heart to the zhou family, want to be a force, bingkun and Zheng Juan are not so difficult.But these two years, Bingyi in Beijing university, Hao Dongmei is equivalent to nothing with the zhou family, that is, bingyi came back, she had contact with the zhou family.You are so contemptuous of your in-laws, let alone your parents who are high officials?According to the original story, Hao Dongmei secretly loved Zhou Bingyi. “After calculating their relationship, they have been together for nearly ten years.Hao Dongmei began to secretly like him when he was in junior high school, Zhou Bingyi at that time no distractions, all energy focused on learning.Hao Dongmei took the initiative to express her feelings to him when he was in high school, and he only regarded it as a more valuable friendship than the friendship between female students.He thinks love between the daughter of a deputy governor and the son of a construction worker is too extravagant, and friendship is more realistic.If you get carried away by her initiative, even the friendship can quickly fade away.”Zhou Bingyi is a good man. He cherishes Hao Dongmei’s love for him. He feels that the gap between hao Dongmei and him is too big.When Hao Dongmei’s father was in a high position, Zhou Bingyi never thought of using Hao Dongmei, zhou Bingyi has his own value.What is more valuable about Zhou Bingyi?After Hao Dongmei’s father was knocked down, Hao Dongmei was not implicated in the composition of the remote areas of the countryside, at that time Zhou Bingyi did not abandon her.Hao Dongmei knows that Zhou Bingyi paid much for her love, but Zhou Bingyi gave up his bright future.Hao Dongmei knows everything, she accepted the pure and noble love of Zhou Bingyi, but what did she return to Zhou Bingyi?We really love a person, you can not blindly enjoy his good to you, you have to return his love to you is not it?After hao Dongmei’s father was defeated, the Zhou family never abandoned her and even agreed to marry her. Hao Dongmei forgot all this?How did zhou’s parents treat her, and how did her parents treat Zhou Bingyi and his parents?In the birch forest, Zhou Bingyi confessed to Hao Dongmei: “I hope our next relationship, from the same kind of people into a person, er Nong I nong, knead a piece of mud, knead a you, a plastic I, I and you gave birth to the same quilt, the same coffin.”What a sincere confession, what a great love, but Hao Dongmei did not deserve!When Hao Dongmei goes to the countryside, because fall into ice pit and cannot be fertile, Zhou Bingyi in order to take into account her reputation and feeling, he says externally is oneself cannot be fertile.Zhou bingyi to her good to this, she did not know?She never told her parents what a good man Byung-yi was.Throughout, Hao Dongmei enjoyed zhou bingyi’s great love, she did nothing.Have you ever thought of Hao Dongmei’s parents to Zhou Bingyi is also extremely indifferent, why the attitude will be so?Because their daughter never told zhou bingyi good.Perhaps, Hao Dongmei also has a sense of superiority in front of Zhou Bingyi, but this sense of superiority is less than her parents.As “governor daughter” of her, the growth of the environment is really too superior, even if it is to go to the countryside that few years, someone laughed at her as “down and out phoenix is not as good as chicken”, she gave someone a slap in the face, or have pride in, this is inherent pride.This pride, will let her take zhou Bingyi for her good, but forget how to return.Hao Dongmei, did not love bingyi well, more did not really share for him.Zhou Bingyi said to Hao Dongmei, “wealth, do not forget”, but hao Dongmei restored her “governor daughter” after the identity, she also forgot Zhou Bingyi and treat her old zhou.I admire Zhou Bingyi very much. He is a “generous and righteous” man.In order to dongmei, he gave up to the leadership when the secretary of the opportunity, he said “in this case to break up with her, tantamount to her life ah”, dongmei down and out when he never abandon, dongmei implicated him when he never abandoned, because love Dongmei, he paid too much too much.Leaders advised Zhou Bingyi said: “I have heard a word, love is not the destination of the relationship between men and women, the ultimate destination of the relationship between men and women is marriage, love can be desperate, but marriage is not.”Bingyi, people as its name, he is too benevolent, he is very clear in that situation, in any case can not abandon dongmei, but unfortunately his heart of dongmei, dongmei did not give him too much return.Hao Dongmei parents “official reinstated”, bingyi dongmei relationship to help CAI Xiaoguang in the final analysis is to return favors, because CAI Xiaoguang once helped bingkun, he read the kindness, feel in any case have to repay someone else.We people, if the other people have kindness to you you must repay, have kindness not to report is not unkindness unrighteousness?In fact, bingyi hao Dongmei and his parents are kind.Hao Dongmei parents were called “capitalist roader”, bingyi and zhou family did not abandon;With dongmei become down and out of the phoenix, bingyi and zhou family never abandon;With bingyi so loyally love dongmei, with bingyi so take care of the feeling of dongmei, without bingyi love and care, dongmei may not have how difficult it is?At that time, it was very difficult to know the educated youth who went to the countryside. If there was no one to take care of them, they might be in trouble.In that particular period, Byung-yi’s love for her warms her, especially when she lost the ability to have children and still insisted on marrying her, byung-yi was kind to her.It may seem to outsiders that their marriage was the daughter of a provincial governor and the son of a construction worker.But don’t forget about the extraordinary historical context in which the son of a construction worker held high status.Don’t compare the current situation with the past, and say, how good is he?Bingyi is not only a good officer, but also through their own efforts to be admitted to Peking University, Bingyi is so talented, is the world’s rare good man.Look at Hao Dongmei, although she also went to university, but the university is far worse than Bingyi.Hao Dongmei is the father of a senior official, only that, but also because of the father of senior officials became a downtrodden phoenix.People, don’t look down upon anyone, especially in those days, who is better off than who?Hao Dongmei and her parents are too proud!I remember my mother saying to me, “One should never look down on others at any time. No matter how much success you have achieved or how much money you have earned, you should never feel that you can look down on others.30 years, maybe that’s all you get.A person should not forget his roots at any time. Looking down on others shows that the person is misbehaving.If you marry a rich man, and his family hates us, I will not be related to such a family.People live to have pride, people look down on you you still with people what contact.We are poor, but we also have a backbone, we earn money by our own efforts, we are all workers, no one can be more noble than the other.”With my mother’s teachings, we are humble when we go back to the village.My mom says, “You can’t be too big at any time.” Big means you can’t be flighty, you can’t look down on people, and you can’t be too proud.”If you go to shenyang Military Area, there will be more opportunities later, and how many beautiful girls there will be in the chorus.”Dong-mei hao about this sentence, ping-i Chou to her only said 1 “GouFuGui, don’t forget, alas, only he ping-i Chou’s” GouFuGui, don’t forget, can not dong-mei hao, dong-mei hao early ping-i Chou had forgotten how good to her, it’s no wonder dong-mei hao parents will snub grasp righteousness and zhou family, also dong-mei hao didn’t allowed.”Governor daughter” Hao Dongmei, not worthy of the generous Zhou Bingyi, if it were not for falling in love with Hao Dongmei, may bingyi this life will not be so tragic, end up a childless end, also die young, he has been to take care of others, so low posture, but, the people you love and give you what?But if you take care of him a little more, help him share a little more, take care of him a little more, Bingyi may not be so miserable.Today’s topic: What do you think of Hao Dongmei in The World?Welcome to leave a message.-end -★作者 : YIBAO;Original author of emotion, writing about the warm feelings of the world.