Two minutes 15 seconds 084!Ren Ziwei qualified for the semifinals of 1500 meters, Liu Shaolin set a new Olympic record!

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China’s Ren Ziwei, Sun Long and Zhang Tianyi compete in the men’s 1500m quarterfinal of short track speed skating at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on February 9, 2018.Ren ziwei qualified for the semifinals in 2:11.255, while Sun Long and Zhang Tianyi were out of the competition.It is worth mentioning that Liu shaolin set a new Olympic record of 2:09.213.Sun Long is playing in group 2 with Demme, Sigail, Roes, Theo and Li Junrui.After the beginning of the race, Sun Long was in the third place, then he once rose to the second place, the latter half of sun Long’s physical strength declined, gradually slipped to the last place.At the last moment Sun Long tried to surpass failed, the fifth to cross the finish line.In the same group, Italy’s Sigel foul was cancelled, Sun Long 2:19.244 ranked fourth in the group.The 17-year-old played in group 5 against Kenegt, Henry, Fortola, Kazuki Yoshinaga and Shogo Miyata.Zhang Tianyi ranked second in the opening stage, but rose to first in the middle of the race. In the middle of the race, Zhang Tianyi slipped to fifth. With only five laps left in the race, Zhang Tianyi slipped and fell off the track.Yim plays in Group 6, where he will face lau Siu Ang, Lapap, Speiser Hauser, Tracy and Eberg.At the beginning of the race, Ren ziwei was in the second place. With 10 laps to go, Ren ziwei passed and rose to the first place. At the half of the race, Ren Ziwei slipped to the fourth place.In the end, Ren ziwei won the group 1 in 2:15.084 and successfully qualified for the semifinals.