Building street Pear Communities: Say no to Abuse!This legal class on juvenile Sexual Assault Prevention is “down-to-earth”

2022-05-18 0 By

On February 18, jianshe Street Xiangli Community New Era Civilization Practice Station organized more than 20 primary school students to carry out a class on the rule of law for the prevention of sexual assault against minors in the community activity room, and presented them with a rule of law gift package for the new term.At the scene of the activity, the volunteers used easy to understand language to guide the children to know the “little secret” of the body with questions, so that they know that the “little secret” of the body can not be touched and violated.At the same time, with vivid story, to remind the children in their daily lives to maintain enough vigilance to others, to identify what behavior belongs to the abuse behavior, met sexual abuse behavior, how to do, study relevant laws and regulations, let children realize the importance of safety to protect their own body, bravely against infringement said “no”.Then, the activity set up a fun question and answer session.From being shy and silent to raising their hands to express boldly, from being ignorant to being able to use some legal knowledge and ideas to face the topics they are usually shy to express, they have mastered the knowledge of self-protection in a relaxed and lively atmosphere.”Today’s lesson was very meaningful. It not only taught children how to identify and prevent sexual assault, but also made us parents pay more attention to safety education for our children.””Parent Zuhere Yiming said after the lecture.”With the implementation of the new ‘two laws’ for minors, ensuring the healthy and happy growth of children under the sunshine of the rule of law has become the responsibility and mission of building the new era civilization practice station of xiangli Community.”Community law popularization officer Tan Yuli said that the construction of street xiangli community will steadily promote the work of law popularization, strengthen the education activities for minors, effectively improve the awareness of legal protection of minors, the name of law, protect the health and safety of minors.(Correspondent Yang Xiaoli)