This few settle food to eat, solution oil solution greasy also lose weight!

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The Spring Festival has just passed, and the Lantern Festival and February 2 are not far away.Every festival fat three catties, this eternal magic spell in bayannur dengkou is double expansion.Is it true that those who stay in Dengkou can only “ice dun dun” and “mellow” to welcome the return of spring?Deng Kou characteristic meat is not, Deng Kou delicacies thousands of millions, in addition to nutrition to satisfy the greediness of chicken, duck, pig, cattle, sheep and fish, but also can solve the oil solution greasy also weight loss light food delicious.Farmer’s Sour Porridge Farmer’s sour Porridge According to an examination, hetao area of han residents ancestral home mostly for Shanxi people, after migrating to settle here, still maintain the habit of eating mi rice, but because of the local summer climate dry hot, rice is not suitable for storage, often sour, and abandoned unfortunately, often eat it,So gradually there is a special let mi rice fermentation sour cooked after the “sour porridge”, “sour porridge”, “acid Lao rice”.When eating, or dip in with fried flax pounded into fine foam and fine salt mix system of “flax salt”, or mix fried pepper, or sprinkled with sugar, or on the “dry pickled vegetables”, is really sweet and sour entrance, unique flavor, become a clear heat, heat, thirst quenching health food, widely spread.Dengkou Niangpi Hetao Niangpi Niangpi, local people called the face essence.Hetao wheat is of high quality and high strength.Made from hetao flour, the crust is tough and naturally chewy, with chunks of gluten, rich sesame oil and seasonings from hetao Plain, and a chopstick of sour pickles.Hetao stuffed skin is also a diet food for many women. Three meals of stuffed skin a day will surely make you eat your bones and bones.Minqin Ramen By Li Hui After the Qing Dynasty, many farmers in Minqin County, Gansu Province moved to Dengkou area to make a living.Minqin people are hard-working, and their special food — Minqin ramen has become a unique cultural symbol of this group.The production of Minqin noodles is relatively simple. First, the white noodles are made of cold water and dough, and continuously knead until smooth, and then become a small agent, put oil on it, and when the noodles xing for 1 hour, they can be pulled into noodles of uniform thickness. The noodles are boiled in the boiling water pot and filled with saozi, which is made of peasant lean pork, potatoes and mushrooms.There are also vegetarian, that is, vegetable oil fried eggplant silk or scrambled eggs with tomatoes for mixing materials, and then mixed with fried onion, leek, chili, garlic and other seasonings, eating up also particularly delicious.Minqin ramen noodles are uniform in thickness, smooth and stringy, with fine and complete seasonings and unique flavor. They are smooth and refreshing and never get tired of eating for a long time.Minqin wan face Li Hui Photography Minqin wan face Minqin after the set of pasta, the most exquisite and ostentatious to count wan face.In the past, rural affairs banquet will use this kind of noodles to entertain people.Before things feast, the warrants will be dedicated to please a few rural women not good, the surface and the hard (some also add some artemisia seed), and then two men with a rolling pin above press hard, after such repeated suppression, will face roll, cut into thin strips evenly and then tacked to the walls in a rolling pin, hang the surface above, grasp the cornmeal knead,After knead to a certain extent, roll them into a small pile and place them on a sheet woven with sorghum stalks.The key point in the “face”, the difficulty in the “pull” process.Wan noodles saozi is more particular about, generally with lamb, pork, yam, tofu, dried eggplant skin, dried beans, cut into diced, boiled into saozi, poured in the cooked wan noodles.Mutton clench the face mutton clench the face clench the face is also called the face piece son, is dengkou people’s everyday meal, the face xing xing well clench into the face piece under the different flavor soup, add a poached egg is Dengkou people delicious and nutritious perfect breakfast.In particular, mutton scald made with the hind goat noodles, delicious delicious.The night before, I drank too much, and in the morning I came to the noodle house feeling dizzy. When I blanched mutton in a casserole, I purred, sweating all over and feeling refreshed immediately.(Source: Li Hui, Media, Sports and Tourism Bureau of Dengkou County)