Zhengzhou issued notice no. 33: some areas unsealed

2022-05-18 0 By

Zhengzhou COVID – 19 pandemic control headquarters office notification regarding the area of the unsealed 33 (2022) agreed by zhengzhou COVID – 19 pandemic control command, to the area of the unsealed, now notice is as follows: a, erqi district since January 26, 2022 0, the following areas to lift control management: fu hua street street 713 community 713 sailing area;East of Gongye Street, west of Daxue Road, south of Jinshui River, and north of Longhai Road (excluding longhai Middle Road No. 53 Yard, Taoyuan Road No. 25 Yard hanlin Shijia, Dennis Daxue Road store);East of Qingfeng Street, west of Jingguang Express Road, south of Huaihe Road and north of Zhengtong Road (excluding yard 10 west of Nanfuhua Street Community);East of Daxue Road, west of Jiaotong Road, south of Longhai Road and north of Ruhe Road (excluding Yard 67 and 68 of Daxue Road);East of Kangfu Middle Street, west of Jingguang Road, south of Kangfu Back Street, north of Kangfu Front Street (excluding the family hospital of Henan Occupational Disease Prevention Hospital);East of Tieying Street, west of Jingguang Road, south of Kangfuqian Street and north of Longhai Road (excluding Longfu International Building 8, Yard 5 of Tieying Street and Yard 14 of Xingfu Road).Ii. From 0 o ‘clock on January 26, 2022, the following areas in Guancheng Ethnic Minority Area will be released from lockdown management: Xintiandi Communication City, Xintiandi Community, Nanguan Street;The following areas have been removed from control and management: south of Longhai Road, west of Xiong ‘er River, east of the boundaries of Guancheng Hui District and Erqi District, and enclosed areas north of Longhai Freight line;The following areas are relieved of the prevention and control: east of Zijing Mountain Road, west of Erligang Street, south of Erligang South Street, north of Yucheng Street.3. Risk levels in other regions remain unchanged.Other containment areas, control areas and prevention areas remain unchanged.We hereby inform you.Office of Zhengzhou COVID-19 Prevention and Control Headquarters, January 25, 2022