Canthus injured girl next winter Olympics to see you

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“Just being in the Olympics, I feel like a victory.”When he said this, Yang Shuorui was serious. His eyes, which had been swollen and slit, opened wider in the sun, making the wound at the corner of his left eye more obvious.”It still hurts when I put it on. I can’t open my eyes as much, but it’s better.”It happened when she stepped on the floor before the women’s freestyle big jump. She was trying to do the 1080, but it didn’t happen.Yang shuorui broke her eye and needed stitches, but she didn’t want to miss her first Winter Olympics because of this injury. She took part in the big platform competition with the injury, and although she didn’t qualify, her strong spirit left a deep impression on people.Yesterday, she was at the Genting Ski Park in Zhangjiakou to qualify for the Beijing Winter Olympics freestyle ski slopestyle.In the first round of skating, Yang shuorui accidentally fell at the third obstacle and she chose to give up the following routine.She scored 18.46 points, placing her 21st out of 27 competitors.In the second skate, she completed her routine, but the quality of her movements was not very good, and her performance improved, scoring 39.05 points, but not enough to qualify for the final round of only 12 competitors, ending her first Winter Olympics.”I think it is meaningful for Chinese athletes to participate in this event for the first time in the Winter Olympics.Because we got a late start, it’s great to get a spot in three years.””We’re starting from scratch and going after them,” Yang said.It takes a lot of jumping, a lot of spinning, a lot of trying, and we can’t hurt ourselves, and we have to be able to withstand the pressure when we get injured.”According to Yang Shuorui, she used to practice the double board skating event, then received the notice of cross-sport selection, she thought this event is very novel, so she wanted to try.”As I got to know the project, I found it was quite interesting, the feeling of flying through the air and landing successfully was great.””But in three years’ time, we have to find a way to catch up with the world’s athletes.So every day was very tiring, it was several days in a day, but we persevered.”The sudden outbreak of COVID-19 has also put a damper on Yang’s preparations, as she was scheduled to compete in 10 World Cup races before the Winter Olympics, but only had five left.She must perform well in every World Cup and make no mistakes to earn enough points to qualify for the tournament.”It was pretty stressful.”She said: ‘I was so excited when I did get my place because I thought it was a long shot but we did it and I am so grateful to the coach and everyone who worked so hard.’By participating in the Beijing Olympics, Yang gained a better understanding of the sport in which he trained and participated.Before, she watched videos to train and try to develop her own style of movement, but when she actually competed with the world’s top players, she saw the gap and understood why others scored higher while her own score was lower for the same movement.”The success rate of posture and movement in the air is very important, so you have to improve your success rate with practice.The quality and difficulty of the movements should also be improved.””I now know where to strengthen,” she said.Not long ago, Yang Shuorui just finished his 18th birthday.At her age, if she can improve and improve, she can definitely beat another Winter Olympics or two.”I get joy out of it,” she says.”I’m trying to do well in the next Olympics,” she said bluntly.Source: Beijing Evening News reporter Li Yuanfei, Chen Jiakun, Deng Fangjia, Pan Zhiwang, process editor: U022