High-value Highlander luxury large SUV Sina down payment of 70,000

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Highlanda high value of luxury large SUV Sina down payment of 70,000 zhongshan Qingfeng Highlanda down payment of 70,000 1TNGA leads the new wave of luxury large SUV:It is equipped with a new enhanced 2.5LHEV dual-engine hybrid engine matching e-CVT electronic continuously variable transmission system, with fuel consumption as low as 5.3L per hundred kilometers,TSS latest quasi-L2 level intelligent travel safety guarantee, new E-FOUR electronic four-wheel drive system, front and rear axle driving force 100:0–20:80 wide range adjustment, intelligent cloud and happy travel interconnect system.Large 7 seat car luxury space high texture exquisite interior, high retention rate, down payment of 60,000 yuan!2. New digital car purchase model, online car booking, visual tracking.You can easily “loan” highlander home by creating a more suitable installment plan for your car.A variety of financial car purchase options, tailored for you, available for 5 years!3. Test drive gift replacement gift, free evaluation of second-hand car replacement success more chance to win car subsidies!4. Battery worry-free plan: There is no limit on the life and mileage of hybrid battery.Interested friends may wish to call the hotline: or click below “inquiry” consultation enjoy network sales S-VIP channel, to the shop consultation free trial drive.The event will run from February 12, 2022 to February 19, 2022