Hotel epidemic prevention and control is not up to standard!Four were suspended for rectification and six were ordered to rectify

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At present, the COVID-19 situation is still grim and complex. In order to fulfill the requirements of epidemic prevention and control and reduce the risk of imported cases, luyang Branch of the Public Security Bureau, The District Commerce Bureau and the District Market Supervision Bureau supervised and inspected the epidemic prevention and control work in key places in The district on March 28 according to the unified deployment of the District Epidemic Prevention and control Emergency Headquarters.The supervision focused on checking the implementation of the “four facts” system in the hotel industry, namely, establishing epidemic prevention and control ledger, checking temperature for each guest, checking health code, travel code and nucleic acid test report, and implementing daily epidemic prevention and control measures.Examination revealed some hotels to strictly implement the epidemic prevention bulletin below left left left a, shall be ordered to hefei now luyang district changqing hotel (yet guest optimal selection of huaihe road pedestrian street stores), hefei luyang district hong hao business club (manet), the xin hotel (pinch of orogenic lane shops), round round hotel (pinch of orogenic lane shops) in four hotel closed for three days.Main problems: 1. Non-resident residents did not report to local streets in strict accordance with the requirements;2. No 24-hour nucleic acid test report of non-resident was found at the site.Hotels are not allowed to resume operations without authorization during the rectification period. They shall be resumed after relevant epidemic prevention and control measures have been implemented and reviews have been passed.2. Order anhui Antang Hotel Management Co., LTD., Hefei Luyang District Xinchen Hotel, Hefei Luyang District Beiyuan Hotel, Hefei Luyang District Xingyue Hotel, Hefei Luyang District Dulla Hotel (Kame Dulla Hotel), Hefei Wanxin Hotel Development Co., LTD., Hefei Fertilizer Center Zhixuan Holiday Hotel for immediate rectification.Main problems: 1. Incomplete disinfection records;2. Incomplete temperature measurement records of employees;3. Incomplete check-in information registration;4. Staff did not wear masks as required.In the next step, the district will continue to strengthen the supervision of epidemic prevention and control in key places in the district, focus on the rectification of problems, and ensure the implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures by responsible units.Relevant departments of the district will take the initiative to strengthen coordination, coordination, supervision and inspection, build a strong network of epidemic prevention and control, and protect the safety of people’s lives and property.• Source: Luyang District Epidemic Prevention and Control Emergency Headquarters
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