In defense of Kareem abdul-Jabbar: no. 2 in history, no. 2 in honor and ability to lebron James?

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In the Internet era, media will favor those who have traffic and propaganda value, and NBA is no exception.For example, kareem Abdul-Jabbar, once the second “Sky hook” of all time, with great honor and ability, was somehow stripped of the title by the media and replaced by Lebron James.The reason for this is that, according to the logic of the media reporter, kareem abdul-Jabbar is currently ahead of Lebron James in the NBA star rankings based on the accumulation of honors. As a result, James skips Kareem abdul-Jabbar in various rankings and goes straight after Michael Jordan, an arrangement that smacks of bullying the elderly.▼ day hook and James honor compared six MVP trophy kareem abdul-jabbar career, 6 championship trophy, 2 FMVP trophy, the team of 15 times (including a 10 times, two array 5 times), 11 all-defensive team (including 5 times a proof, 6 second prevention), two scoring titles, while total score 38387 in NBA history first.James has won four MVPS, four championships, four FMVPS, 17 All-Nba teams (13 first team, three second team, and one third team), six All-Defensive teams (five first defense, one second defense), and one scoring title, ranking third in total scoring history.All things considered, Kareem should be slightly ahead of Lebron, with more MVPS, more championships, and nearly double the number of Best defenses.Of course, many fans have tried to explain, for example, kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s MVP value.Abdul-jabbar won most of his awards in the 1970s, before the NBA-ABA merger, when there were almost half as many teams and the players voted for the MVP.As a result, kareem abdul-Jabbar did not make the playoffs in 1974, but eventually won the MVP trophy. Many people doubt that kareem abdul-Jabbar’s trophy does not have enough gold.But that is not the case. First of all, the number of teams is a matter of quantity, not quality.There were fewer NBA teams in the 1960s, but even with the expansion, was there a better superstar in the world than Wilt chamberlain or Russell?In the same way, Kareem abdul-Jabbar is the only player in the league. Even the ABA’s Dr. J and Moses Malone are three points less capable than Sky Hook at their peak.Second, there is a debate about the definition of MVP in the case of teams with poor records.The way the media vote today, the MVP award is largely determined by the strength of the team, which means the MVP may seem to be an individual award, but it’s actually the strength of the team behind it.Take James himself as an example, the four MVPS are extremely different in value, the last two MVPS during the Heat, James was in the prime of the offensive and defensive, the overall ability of the league, the two MVPS are the most convincing.But in 2008 and 2009, lebron James was the MVP of the NBA. His personal statistics and team record were largely due to the weak Eastern Conference, so the Cavaliers, who were invincible in the regular season, were defeated in the playoffs by the Magic and Boston celtics.But years later, when it comes to evaluating James’ status, does the logic of four MVPS count as top individual honors really make sense?Therefore, the way to evaluate Kareem abdul-Jabbar as THE MVP in those days is not unreasonable, but now in the Age of the Internet, the media has a higher voice than the players, but it does not mean that is correct.If kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s MVP award is debateable, the media’s total scoring is a perfect example.James did have the best chance to break Kareem abdul-Jabbar’s 38,387 scoring record, but that was predicted, not realized, and as a result, the media reports made it seem as if James had already bagged the title, or even reached the 40,000 mark.This honor in advance phenomenon is unprecedented, surpass kareem abdul-jabbar total score first record, also inequitable in other honor beyond the kareem abdul-jabbar, second, and even total score first honor, can help James ranking drown kareem abdul-jabbar, and that is something later, at least for now, NBA scoring also belong to kareem abdul-jabbar.In fact, through the above objective summary analysis, it can be seen that Kareem abdul-Jabbar in the media era, now he is old, almost zero value to the league, the media, sponsors, and Lebron James as the most talked about and flow of the current player, off the court commercial value is huge.So while Lebron is still ahead of Kareem abdul-Jabbar, all sides are rushing to knock Abdul-Jabbar off the no. 2 spot, pushing James up and even past Michael Jordan.