On their first day on the job, they escort ice and snow at high speed

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Sanxiang Metropolis Daily On February 7 – (all media reporter and ting ting correspondent Liu Baiyang) February 7 early morning, Yueyang City, Hunan Province G4 Beijing-Hong Kong and Macao high speed, G0421 Xu Guang expressway, G56 Hangzhou Ruizhi expressway, G0422 Wushen expressway, S71 Huachang expressway and other sections of the general snow, causing an impact on highway safety.In order to ensure the safety of driving, Yueyang Branch of Hunan Expressway Group Co., Ltd. has taken a number of measures to fight against ice and snow. Maintenance, road management and toll collection personnel have devoted themselves to fighting against ice and snow.At 4 o ‘clock in the morning, the main bridge of G56 Hangrui Dongting Lake Bridge snowed heavily. Maintenance staff were driving the roller brush machine to work on the bridge deck. They stuck to it all night to provide a safe and smooth travel environment for the company and passengers who needed to travel after dawn.In THE G56 Hangrui high-speed Yueyang section, affected by bad weather, the vehicle to a 500 meters long uphill can not go smoothly, Yueyang East Road production brigade road management staff using force to push the car, to help one car after another through the section of the road.In the G4 Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao expressway Yueyang section, dajing Road production brigade road controller patrol to K1435 south to the north direction, found a blue car due to the snow caused by the difficulty to stop on the shoulder, road controller after knowing the relevant situation, timely send the trapped people to pingjiangxi toll station.At jinji Toll station, toll collectors cleaned branches bent by the snow to ensure the safe and orderly passage of passing vehicles………………….So far, there are no icy roads in the area and roads are safe and smooth.It is reported that the yueyang branch reserves 847.65 tons of snow melt agent, 32,251 sacks, 237 anti-skid chains, 9351 cone barrels (39,991 have been placed), 159 marks (592 have been placed), 1 deicing machine, 14 spusers and tools in the anti-ice work.There are 9 loaders (including 1 supported by Hunan Road Bridge), 4 rolling brush vehicles, 10 graders (including 1 supported by Hunan Road bridge), 43 other equipment, and 643 emergency personnel reserve.[Editor: Hu Yuanyuan][Source: Sanxiang Metropolis Daily]