Return attention!Shaoyang from tomorrow to meet rain and snow weather

2022-05-19 0 By

Shaoyang meteorological station on February 5 news, according to the latest comprehensive analysis of meteorological data, 5 days by the weak ridge control, the city is mainly cloudy between overcast;Due to the joint influence of the upper trough, the shear line of the middle and lower layers and the cold air on the ground, there was moderate to heavy rain in Shaoyang city from The 6th, and there was low temperature rain, snow and freezing weather from the 7th to the 8th, accompanied by a temperature drop of 4-6 ℃.A new round of rain began on The 9th.The specific forecast is as follows: 5th: cloudy to scattered light rain, temperature 0 ~ 9℃;6th: medium to heavy rain to sleet, temperature 1 ~ 6℃;7th: cloudy day with sleet or light snow, temperature 1 ~ 3℃;8th: cloudy day with sleet, temperature 0 ~ 3℃;9th: cloudy day with light rain, temperature 1 ~ 4℃;10th: cloudy with light rain, temperature 2 ~ 4℃ : 11th: cloudy with light rain, temperature 2 ~ 5℃.Meteorological Recommendation 1.Low temperature rain, snow and freezing weather from The night of June 6 to 8 will lead to ice (slippery) on roads, which will adversely affect transportation safety and daily travel. Precautions should be taken.2.The temperature continues to be low, pay attention to remind the public to keep warm and keep warm with fire, electricity and gas, do a good job of hidden trouble investigation, prevent safety accidents.Source | Shaoyang Meteorological Station editor | Zhang Min second instance | Sun Chengxue final instance | Liu Qun