Six theoretical supplements of Lu Jiuyuan’s taiji Debate

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In the fourth round of Zhu Lu’s “Daji Debate”, he was trapped in the opinions of different families.But outside the debate, within the lines, the irreconcilable philosophical contradictions between Zhu Xi and Lu And Jiuzhou, as well as the real meaning of personal love, were revealed.The defects in each other’s theoretical logic and even the merits and disadvantages of personality were also exposed, which could be called the peak of “Zhu and Lu debate”.Edit comments centered switch to add images, not more than 140 words (optional) first introduction to both in theory complement: Lu Zi – shifted from “the promise” two characters to “promise” and “three characters, he turned to the” Yin and Yang “, or “device”, he turned to the “promise” of the word “very” xun “in” or “extremely” motto, the “three circles” debate the differentiation “tai chi”, namely all the content.Lu Jiuyuan’s second letter (see page 25-30 of Lu Ji for the full text) added the following theory:Tai chi (a) “add infinite words above, is the bed, folding bed below the true word, it is under the frame house in the house.” if insists that tai chi is not bad shape, plus the “god of load, obscure”. How can the word “promise” “tai chi” adjective? (2) “the promise” is the knowledge of the old’s.”Old’s inaction of the beginning of heaven and earth, for the mother of all things; no view to better, often view nuclear, straight to” no “on the word, it is the old’s study, also taboo?” (3) the principle is the objective fact, not negative, not say no. “this is the inherent” of the universe, or speak no? If no, are you not a:I am not the father, not the father, the son is not the son.”Five in the nine domains and the Sun emperor extremely “, “people by the heaven and earth to live”, “in the world is also the great origin of the world, etc.The Chinese character house of course has many meanings, but there are “empty” and “real”, and there are “children” and “real”, and the characters are “real”, so how can the infinite be interpreted as “invisible”?”Successively, from beginning to end, movement, brightness, up and down, advance and retreat, correspondence, conformation, surplus and deficiency, ebb and flow, high and low, high and low, inside and outside, hidden, back and forth, smooth and adverse, survival and death, gain and loss, in and out, hidden, what is suitable but not one Yin and one Yang?When zhu Jia said, “Yin and Yang are shaped instruments, don’t they also taste like the division of dao instruments?”But pointed out that Zhu zi “Tai Chi true body is not the secret, before nothing, outside of Yin and Yang, is not whether or not, does not fall in the square body, the ordinary feeling, beyond the language of the square, is not learned zen, so?”