The head of the Australian sports delegation praised the Beijing Winter Olympics: Feel at home in zhangjiakou Winter Olympic Village

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Hebei Daily January 30 – (reporter Wang Weihong) today, the Beijing Winter Olympic Games Australian sports delegation held a press conference in zhangjiakou mountain news center, this is zhangjiakou mountain news center after the official operation of the first press conference.Jeff Lipshute, chef de mission of the Australian sports delegation, said at the press conference that the Beijing Winter Olympics venues, including zhangjiakou, were excellent and he felt at home in zhangjiakou Village.Australian sports delegation chef de mission Geoff Lipshute (left) at the press conference.The announcement came after Australia announced it would send its third-largest ever sports delegation to the Beijing Winter Olympics, including 44 athletes who will compete in 10 sports.However, the Australian delegation will be reduced to 43 athletes after an alpine skier was confirmed to be absent from the Games following a recent injury sustained during training in the United States, Lipshute said at a press conference on Tuesday.In Pyeongchang four years ago, the Australian sports team won two silvers and one bronze.Looking ahead to the Beijing Winter Olympics, Geoff Lipshute said he hoped the Australian sports team would do well.On January 23, the winter Olympic villages in three areas of Beijing Winter Olympic Games were pre-opened. The Australian sports delegation also stayed in three winter Olympic villages on the same day.Eight members of the Australian sports delegation arrived at zhangjiakou Winter Olympic Village early in the morning, becoming the first delegation to enter the village.Up to now, the Australian sports delegation has 10 athletes living in zhangjiakou Village, 3 in Beijing Village and 2 in Yanqing Village.”The Winter Olympic village in Beijing is very impressive.”Jeff Lipshute says the winter Olympic village in Beijing is of high quality, with large rooms and easy access to restaurants.What impressed him most about zhangjiakou Winter Olympics Village was that the coffee here was very good. He drank Australian coffee.”Previously, our athletes trained in many countries and this is the first time we have tasted Australian coffee abroad. We feel very welcome here.””Jeff Lipshute said.Jeff Lipshute says Australian athletes have had a very positive impression of the Olympic village in Beijing.The athletes’ restaurant in the Winter Olympic Village has a variety of flavors of food, and the diversity is very good.The restaurants here are world class.After arriving in Beijing, Jeff Lipshute visited the venues in Yanqing and Zhangjiakou.In Zhangjiakou, Jeff Lipshute has checked out genting Ski Park.He said he was very impressed with the venue.There are six courses in moguls, slopestyle, halfpipe, slopestyle and parallel giant slalom, all in one venue, which is very nice.During the Beijing Winter Olympics, venues in zhangjiakou, including the Genting ski Park, will use some artificial snow.”From a racing point of view, it is better for the track to use artificial snow rather than natural snow.Until now, most international competitions also used artificial snow.”‘Skiers use skis with sharp edges that can cause damage to the course,’ Mr. Lipshute said. ‘Using artificial snow that is more resilient will help maintain consistency on the course, which in turn will make the race more fair.’Earlier, the Australian sports delegation tested positive for a nucleic acid test at the airport.”The delegation member initially tested positive and is currently in isolation pending retesting.”Lipshute says they fully understand the quarantine policy and circulation of the Beijing Olympics.The delegation member who tested positive also told them he was satisfied with the quarantine process at the Beijing Games.