Jiang Defu, who was dominated by Jack all his life, is the biggest beneficiary of marriage

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In the original novel, there was no love in the marriage between Jiang Defu and Jack Jack at the beginning, but it was almost an exchange of “interests”. The interests here were not money transactions or business dealings as we thought.In fact, most of the marriage, are mixed with interest factors, some people because the other party can provide a rich material life, some people because of the other party’s appearance, or even cowed from the other side of the security.I don’t think it is wrong to exchange interests in marriage. After all, all relationships start from entanglements, whether material or spiritual, because such mutual involvement makes the relationship stronger.Just like the marriage between Jack and Jack, Jack married Jack because he gained respect from others and satisfied his strong vanity. And Jack should feel lucky, because if Jack did not have this need, he could hardly marry Jack back home.In the process of pursuing Jack, jack’s vanity was satisfied to a great extent.Because of the composition of too high identity, she has been proud of the heart is looked down upon by others, but in Jiang Defu frequently appeared in her side, the attitude of colleagues in the drugstore to her began to become subtle, meeting with her to say hello, attitude is also obviously a lot of affinity.At home, Jack’s brother and sister-in-law were also very attentive to her, as if she had become a branch of the family. From their attitude towards Anxin, we can see that Jack enjoyed being held by others very much.Even an Xin, who was calm, would call her “officer’s wife” when joking. The change brought by Jiang Defu was so intense that Jack felt the change and accepted it with great pleasure.After marriage, Jack was just as expected. He gave her a rich life, especially after they went to the island. As Jack’s identity determines the future of most people on the island, and she, as His wife, is respected by everyone.In addition to the spiritual enjoyment, the welfare jack has brought to the whole family is unimaginable.At a time when family background checks were required for everything, it was unthinkable for ordinary people to imagine that The twin daughters of Mr. Ou, who had been considered right-wing, were assigned to the communications department.An Tai’s children are also arranged by Jiang, just as jiang dehua said in the quarrel with Jack: “You enjoy my brother’s fortune.”Jack did add a lot of luster to his relatives because of Jiang Defu, and he also had a lot of face among relatives.But in this long road of life, Jiang Defu is the biggest beneficiary.When he changed his identity from a rural man to a city man to marry Jack, He lost many opportunities for promotion. He even wanted to go back to his hometown to farm for her. This was the biggest sacrifice he made for Jack, and he succeeded in marrying Jack.Some time ago, there was a popular saying on the Internet, “I am a pig from the countryside, but I also want to arch the cabbage of the big city.”Jiang Defu, who comes from the countryside, marries an educated woman in the city. Completing this seemingly impossible task also satisfies jiang Defu’s desire to conquer and vanity.Even after many years had passed, Jiang Defu could still boast proudly to the people around him, and even the old ding, who had far more ink in his belly, could marry a city woman all his life.Marrying Jack completely completed jiang defu’s identity transformation from a rural man to a city man. This identity transformation does not just mean the change of living place or a few words in the household register, but the change of living habits and temperament.Jack’s habits and habits have influenced Jack’s whole life. From washing hands before meals and after going to the bathroom, brushing his teeth and washing his feet before going to bed, to reading famous novels and drinking coffee, Jack has brought More vision changes to Jack.For example, when Jiang Yafie and Jiang Defoe went to the buffet for the first time, they took a lot regardless of image, but ended up eating too much, which was despised by Jack. But without Jack, Jiang Defoe and his children would have more of the same bad habits.It is not easy for a person to complete the transformation of family identity. In “Know or Not”, Gu Tingye’s father wants him to marry yu Yanran, a scholar family, just to get rid of the identity of soldiers lu zi.After Jiang Defu married Jack, the Jiang family obviously completed the transformation of their identity.This concept has not changed until now, many rural families are willing to let their children marry urban women, although it is not clear why, but also to change the consciousness of future generations.Old Ding married Jiang Dehua. Jiang Dehua, like Wang Xiu ‘e, was a real rural woman, who loved gossiping behind her back. They were of the same odour and often gossiped together.At the beginning, when Jiang Took Jiang to the compound, there were frequent quarrels between Jack and Jiang.Because Jack could not bear the bad habits of rural people, she could reform Jiang Defu, but she could not directly reform Jiang Dehua.One reason is that Jiang dehua is his sister-in-law, and he is not as free as his husband. The other reason is that Jiang dehua may not be willing to listen to Jack, so it is inevitable for them to quarrel, but they usually quarrel on different channels.After The death of Wang Xiu ‘e, Old Ding was determined to marry a city woman. By a strange combination of circumstances, he missed Ge Meixia and the dentist, and finally chose Jiang Dehua, even with a little reluctance.If jiang dehua had not lived with Jack for so many years, Old Ding would never have married Jiang Dehua.In those rocky days, Andy and Jack needed and quarreled with each other, but they also influenced each other.Especially after the people from their hometown came to Jiang’s home, Jiang Dehua totally could not accept their living habits, let them take off their clothes and then go to bed, dislike their sleep snoring is too big.However, this is jiang Dehua’s original living habits.In order to protect jack’s interests, Jiang dehua quarreled with someone. Jack took it out on her, saying that she was the “aunt” of the family, and they had become real relatives after getting along with each other day by day.No matter in terms of living habits or communication methods, Jiang Dehua is almost a city woman, but without formal education, so Old Ding will choose such Jiang Dehua, but will not choose the jiang Dehua who just entered the city.Jack had been pursuing jack for a long time. Jack had always insisted on his own idea that she did not want to marry a rustic farmer. However, During that period of time, He came in and out of the capitalist family frequently, so that he had become angry in his later pursuit.In the original work, there is a passage that fits jiang Defu’s mind when he was courting Jack: It was the peasant’s competitive spirit that did not fight for steamed bread that dominated his father. What his father thought was: During the war, I won many strongholds that were difficult to fight, and I was afraid that you, a bourgeois girl with two long pigtails, would fail.This was jack’s desire to conquer, and he chose to compromise because of jack’s compromise in all the quarrels of his life, especially after Jack gave birth to several children for himself.Jack described that he was like a rabbit living in a family. Jiang enjoyed this feeling, she not only married Jack, but also let her willingly bear children for him, as for the other things in his eyes are not important.After jiang Defu married Jack, besides enjoying her youth and beauty, he also gained a large number of children of all genders, which is what jiang Defu enjoys in his marriage.In addition, Jack was like a scholar who never went out. She knew more about the interpersonal relationships around Jiang Than herself. She even knew who was against Jiang, why and to what extent.Over the course of her long career, She has quietly consolidated what needs to be consolidated, strengthened, patched up, and isolated.All this, Jiangdefu did not know anything.If you think about Jack’s family background, you can understand her methods and strategies. In this regard, she is not the charming lady who only talks about love in the drama.In his marriage with Jack, Jiang defu not only achieved the transformation of his family identity, but also satisfied his inner pursuit, which was the reason why he loved Jack all his life.I like to believe that there is no such thing as gratuitous love or gratuitous hate, that there must be a reason for all emotions, and that it is this exchange of “benefits” that should make a relationship strong.