Jiangsu epidemic overview | 30 jiangsu nine cities have increased the risk of social transmission in Wuxi

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On March 30, there were 5 new local confirmed cases and 41 asymptomatic cases in Jiangsu province, involving wuxi, Suzhou, Nantong, Taizhou, Nanjing, Yancheng, Xuzhou, Suqian and Zhenjiang.As of 1 am on March 31, five people in Wuxi tested positive for nucleic acid and two tested positive for antigen, posing a risk of social transmission.At present, wuxi city all levels of all kinds of schools, except the third grade, suspended offline teaching.Wuxi: 1 new confirmed case, 4 asymptomatic cases. Yancheng: 2 new confirmed cases (1 of them asymptomatic). Zhenjiang:Add 1 case was diagnosed, 1 cases of asymptomatic (1 case in “applicants should do inspection personnel found in nucleic acid detection, 1 case found in its contact nucleic acid detection screening, stroke trajectory involving bank branch friendship, etc.) : suzhou new 18 cases of asymptomatic (16 cases found in concentrated isolated points screening, 1 case found in the field investigation personnel, 1 case was found in the key population screening) xuzhou:Suqian: 3 new asymptomatic cases (2 of them were close contacts of asymptomatic infected persons, and 1 case was found in nucleic acid test screening in Gengche Town, Sucheng District, quarantinable control Area) Nantong:Four additional asymptomatic cases As of 1:00 am, March 31, 5 people in Wuxi were found to be nucleic acid positive, and 2 people were found to be antigen positive (during nucleic acid screening in key areas associated with positive cases in other provinces, one “10 people with mixed tubes” was found to be positive)1 high risk area (Huxi Yaju Dongyuan, Dongshan Street, Jiangning District)10 medium risk area (jiangning District 5, Qinhuai District 3, Qixia District 2) changzhou:Prevention and control measures for 9 high-risk areas (2 caihong City, Qinglong Street, Tianning District, 7 Qinglong Yuan, Qinglong Street, Tianning District) and 1 medium-risk area (1 Tianning District)When entering the market, purchasers should cooperate with the implementation of COVID-19 prevention and control requirements and maintain normal business order of the market.From March 31 to April 4, a new phase of regional nucleic acid testing was carried out in Jianye District, Nanjing.Since March 31, Xuanwu District of Nanjing has adjusted and optimized nucleic acid testing sampling sites for key groups and sukang code yellow code personnel, and suspended nucleic acid testing sampling services for key groups at community health service centers and Shuangyong Square, east gate of Suojin Fourth Village.Adjust the service time of nucleic acid testing and sampling site of key population in Hall D of Xinzhuang International Exhibition Center from 9:00-22:00 to 9:00-20:00 every day;The yellow code personnel nucleic acid testing sampling service at the nucleic acid testing sampling site at 50 Zhongling Street will be suspended, and the yellow code personnel sampling service at the nucleic acid testing sampling site at Orange Hotel (Hongshan Zoo Store) will be maintained.Suzhou: Kunshan demarcated sealed control area, control area 30 days, Suzhou issued a reminder, if you need to handle car driving management business, not necessary to go to the site for handling, can use other channels “no contact”.Conduct business online through mobile phones and computers.Online upload materials, audit through the completion of business, the certificate directly mailed home.Kunshan city, Suzhou, demarcated a containment zone and control zone on March 31 to implement corresponding control measures.Among them, the closed control area for the north bank of ba Town Spring 54 building (since March 25);Building 5, Huangpu Junting, Qiandeng Town (from March 27);Building 24-26, 33-35, 39-40, Chundi South District, Jiangnan, Zhangpu Town;Zhongkun Food Co., LTD. (since March 28);Building 19, 63-65, Lanbowan Community, Zhangpu Town;Building 65-66, 70, 83, Chundi North District, Jiangnan, Zhangpu Town;Kunshan Ruixing Trademark Co., LTD. (since March 29).On the morning of March 30, one person was found to have tested positive during nucleic acid screening in Wuxi, and the recheck result is pending.According to the epidemiological investigation, the person who was initially screened positive had been active in Huishan District, Liangxi District, Jiangyin City and other places from March 27 to 29, posing a high risk of epidemic transmission.Please report to your community (village), unit or disease control department immediately if you find that there is a time and space intersection with the activity track of the person who is positive in the initial screening.All retail pharmacies in Nantong have suspended the sale of “class 4” drugs and taken them off the shelves since Wednesday.All retail pharmacies in the city immediately stopped selling “four types” of drugs on self-service drug vending machines and Internet platforms (including third-party platforms such as Tmall, JD.com, Meituan and Ele. me, as well as self-built websites and mini programs).Nantong launched the wechat mini program “Hao Tong Code” on Wednesday.The “travel code” function on the “Good pass Code” directly connects the communication travel card, which is convenient for the personnel who have not checked the travel card directly.From 6:00 am on March 31st, nantong Development Zone will carry out nucleic acid testing for all staff for one day.From 10:00 to 22:00 on March 31, chongchuan, Nantong, carried out nucleic acid testing for all its staff.At 7:30 on March 31, nucleic acid testing was carried out in tongzhou Bay demonstration Zone for one day.Xuzhou: Fully implement the “Site code” of Xuzhou Healthbao, and adjust the use of “site code” in some areas of Xuzhou.Two “yellow code” designated hospitals were set up, namely the Third Affiliated Hospital of Xuzhou Medical University and the Staff hospital of China Coal Fifth Construction Company.At the same time, Xuzhou published a list and detailed addresses of nucleic acid collection sites for yellow code personnel.Since March 30, Xuzhou city has adjusted the sealing control area, control area and prevention area of some regions.Among them, the control area for quotation area in jun jinshui bay village, gulou, abundant wealth, gulou zhu chuang, gulou and peaceful village, gulou splendid landscape Jiang Zhuang town village and the surrounding shops, jia wang district dragon village and the surrounding shops, jia wang area office countless streams dogwood mountain village, jia wang mutuality town village, jia wang meng province area of mutuality pond town xinji village.Xuzhou assigns yellow codes to persons accompanied by time and space on the movement path of asymptomatic infected persons, and manages them according to the “Sukang code” yellow codes.The person who is assigned the yellow code shall go to the designated institution for nucleic acid testing for 3 times within 3 days (each time with an interval of 24 hours). If all the results are negative, the code will be automatically changed to green.If there is a time and space intersection between the positive person and the infected person, and he/she has been to a key epidemic-affected place, especially if he/she has been eating or shopping for a long time, he/she should report to the community (village) immediately and coordinate with health monitoring, nucleic acid testing, quarantine and other relevant epidemic prevention and control measures.The third round of nucleic acid testing started at 6 am on March 31 in Yunlong, Xuzhou.Changzhou: “Dragon City Chang Yun” electronic pass online, the implementation of freight vehicles according to the risk level classification management system, changzhou 30 started to use “Dragon City Chang Yun” electronic pass, to normalizing the process of freight to and from changzhou, while strengthening the closed loop management and health monitoring of freight drivers and related employees.Enterprise operators and freight drivers can apply for and inquire “Longcheng Chang Yun” e-pass through “My Changzhou” APP or “Alipay”.The green certificate of “Dragon Cheng Smooth Transport” will be granted to freight vehicle drivers whose health code is green, travel code is not marked with foreign “*”, and who hold negative nucleic acid test for 48 hours. Yellow certificate of “Dragon Cheng Smooth Transport” will be granted to those who cannot meet the above conditions.Yancheng, yancheng on epidemic prevention and control in accordance with the law to crack down on illegal and criminal act of the public security organ will on epidemic prevention and control in accordance with the law to crack down on illegal and criminal behavior, such as to borrow, forge, alter, buy and sell or use forged or altered, buying and selling health code, travel card, certificate of nucleic acid testing report and so on, and adopt other ways to conceal activities and other relevant information, to avoid quarantine inspection.Taizhou:Standardize the price behavior, ‘in the second round of region total nucleic acid on March 30, taizhou market supervision bureau for the whole city general operators adhere to compliance in accordance with the law and trustworthy management, strictly implement the plain code marks a price policy, maintain the order of the market price, resolutely safeguard the city’s important people’s livelihood of goods, epidemic prevention and related services to the market price of order,We will ensure stable prices of epidemic prevention supplies and daily necessities closely related to People’s Daily lives.From 6:00 to 12:00 on March 31, Taizhou Hailing District carried out the second round of nucleic acid testing for all members in the containment, control and prevention areas.On March 29, the department of acupuncture and moxibustion, department of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and outpatient minor surgery of the Jurong People’s Hospital of Zhenjiang city resumed operation.The clinic of infection department will be adjusted to Monday, Wednesday and Friday.TB clinics are open on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays (mornings).On 6 April, the health management Centre was resumed.The Zhenjiang Jurong People’s Procuratorate reopened its 12309 procuratorial service center at 14:00 on March 30.The opening hours of the reception area are 8:30-11:30 am and 14:00-17:30 PM on weekdays.Public security authorities in Huai ‘an will crack down on illegal and criminal activities related to epidemic prevention and control, such as concealing illness or travel information (especially travel history in key areas), or concealing close contact with confirmed or suspected cases.They refused to cooperate with the epidemiological investigation carried out by the CDC or the public security department.Lianyungang has resumed the operation of urban and road passenger transport within the city starting from March 31.Among them, from 0 o ‘clock on March 31, the normal operation of inter-county and intra-county passenger lines within the city will be resumed in an orderly manner.The resumption time of intercity and interprovincial passenger lines and tourist charter bus services shall be specified separately.Suqian: Some primary and secondary schools will suspend offline teaching, and catering service units will suspend in-class meals from 00:00 on March 31 to 24:00 on April 2. Primary and secondary schools, vocational schools and other schools in the downtown area of Suqian will stop offline teaching (except closed schools).Kindergartens (nursery institutions) stop children from entering kindergartens;All kinds of colleges and universities are under closed administration.Passenger lines, tourist charters, urban buses, taxis and ride-hailing services will be suspended in the central urban area.All kinds of catering service units in the downtown area of Suqian have suspended in-room service.Leisure and entertainment venues will continue to be suspended, public cultural venues will continue to be closed, and large-scale public gatherings will continue to be suspended.Sun Mushun, 24, who lives in Xuxiake Town, Jiangyin, has been quarantined after testing positive for nucleic acid in wuxi on March 30.According to the investigation, Sun drove to and from high-risk areas for several times recently, hid his travel track, did not take the initiative to report to the community, and did not follow the requirements of home health monitoring, but still went out for several times, causing serious risk of COVID-19 transmission.Sun mou shun’s behavior is suspected of hindering the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases.Wuxi Jiangyin Public Security Bureau has placed a case on the investigation, and will investigate criminal responsibility in accordance with the law.