Jiangsu province has again lowered the price of novel Coronavirus nucleic acid tests

2022-05-20 0 By

China News Network Nanjing On April 3 (reporter Yang Yanci)Jiangsu province will again lower the price of novel Coronavirus nucleic acid tests in order to cope with the new situation of epidemic prevention and control, better serve the overall situation of epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, and reduce the burden of testing costs, according to the Medical Security Bureau of Jiangsu Province on Wednesday.Effective from 4 April, the price of novel Coronavirus nucleic acid test in public medical institutions in Jiangsu has been adjusted to RMB 28 / time for single test (including reagents and other consumables) and RMB 8 / time for mixed test (including reagents and other consumables). The adjusted price is the maximum guiding price.Public medical institutions should carry out testing services in strict accordance with the technical specifications for Novel Coronavirus nucleic acid testing. Both single and mixed detection services should be provided at the same time. On the premise of complying with the provisions on epidemic prevention and control, the public who are willing to do all the testing should be allowed to choose to further improve the testing efficiency.At the same time, Jiangsu Provincial Medical Insurance Bureau organized a linkage adjustment of the price limit for the Novel Coronavirus nucleic acid (including antibody) test reagents sold by 26 manufacturers in Jiangsu province. All 99 products were lowered to the lowest price in China, with the average online price reduced from 14 yuan per person to 6.88 yuan per person, an average decrease of more than 50%.(after)