MANSORY builds the 1,000hp Mercedes S63, which is rarer than Cursory ice

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The Beijing Winter Olympic Games are in full swing. In addition to the exciting opening ceremony and the charming little sister holding the card, the most eye-catching thing is the charming Olympic mascot bing Dwen Dwen.However, the high popularity of bing Dwen dun peripheral products in short supply, domestic and foreign buyers such as fire enthusiasm caused the black and white “cute pet” online or offline are “a pier hard to find” scene.Rare, become a symbol of Bing Dandong dwen, but also let the love of luxury car in the mind of the first time the German “carbon fibber king” mancursory is also famous for creating unique rare models.Mancursory as a world-renowned luxury car customization master since its inception, it pays attention to the use of carbon fiber, Mastrotto calfskin, Alcantara suede and other rare raw materials to Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti and other top famous cars in the world appearance, interior, ECU comprehensive upgrade.After its remodeling of the vehicle appearance alternative, luxurious inside, unique personality, is the thousands of rich elite show outstanding strength, extraordinary taste of the “media carrier”.Cursory’s century-old Star Factory, the S-Class, is a slightly eclipsed product, but that doesn’t stop Mansouri from being enthusiastic about its revamp.In the case of AMG S63, mang’s handwork transformed it from a single fine whitish to a more three-dimensional black and white color, producing a cursory appearance that is even rarer than Bing Dwen dwen.To know that on the basis of millions of S63 further modified owners in addition to their own wealth index excellent, more need to contain a unwilling mediocre heart!Actually from MANSORY Wallace Sally S63 sharp makes one thousand horsepower has been released for five years, although the vehicle high prices for ordinary consumers, but as surrounded by various kinds of carbon fiber aerodynamic parts followed, many have s-class Mercedes “old driver” are also able to unconstrained style private custom.MANSORY can do it at the drop of a hand, whether it’s a new carbon-fiber front bumper, lip, air intake grille or an all-carbon hood made of 48K-B forged carbon.But This time Manunload clearly didn’t want to spoil AMG’s original design, so it came up with an expensive double-lip rather than a replacement front bar.We have to praise this special structure and bilateral air inlet arrangement mode, which makes the original AMG S63’s slightly wide air inlet suddenly compact, not only greatly alleviates the original AMG S63’s excessive and aggressive attack sense, but also makes the visual effect of the modified vehicle become more elegant and soft.MANSORY’s carbonation of the AMG S63’s side skirts, fins, shark fin spoilers, outlet shunt and rearview mirror shell was also a masterstroke.The high-tension “small wide body” design fully improves the motion properties of the S63, and several heat dissipation holes on the carbon fiber front wing plate also appear particularly heroic and grand.They say luxury cars don’t sell, wheels come first.In addition to mancursory’s impressive use of carbon fiber, the “black gold” of lightweight, robust, stretchable and high-temperature materials, the re-polishing of the hub is also a masterstroke.MANSORY redesigned 21 inch SC.1121 diamond black super light motion hub for AMG S63 (available in sizes of 22 inch, diamond soot, diamond silver, w.5, N.80, N.50, Cs.521 and many other textures available……)As well as the lower flat rate of the front: 255/30/ZR22, the rear: 295/25/ZR22 Ultrac Sessanta high-performance tires, you can sincerely feel the unique passion of a sports car.The textured carbon fiber rear enclosure greatly improves the visual effect of the rear, and the whole rear exudes a wild and passionate track attribute that makes people feel unrecognizable.Such as: the rear bumper and rear diffuser, performance, tail, trunk lid, the top turbulence, trunk lid spoiler components for the family of high technology such as carbon fiber, combined with lower 30 mm bars on both sides of the body after the suspension, the redesigned heat and carbon fiber ducklings tail, a feeling of elegance and future technology breath instant hit.Three-piece carbon fiber tail structure is constructed with two more molds than one-piece structure, which dramatically increases the manufacturing cost, but this appears to be a more coordinated and unified whole, Mancursory for aesthetic feeling and craftsmanship will not let go of any details of the artisan spirit of polishing just according to the old saying: repair nobody see, intention god knows!