Moby Dick tells the story of the mysterious world of beluga whales that live in the sea

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The Song of Moby Dick author: Hu Hu Publishing House: Dunhuang Literature and Art Publishing House Publication Date: August 2021 ISBN: 9787546820446 Pricing:The book is composed of seven novels: Moby Dick, Top of the Tower, The Secret Of Kasi, The Hand of God, The Rat Hunt and Hela’s Compass.Through the mouth of the white whale incarnated as a human, tells the story of the mysterious world of the white whale living in the sea, and tells people that any killing will be punished;Through telling a part of the digitized people, they are integrated with the central computer and become the all-knowing eye. They are the floor of the building, and the ultimate goal is to absorb all people and achieve the sublimation of civilization….The manuscript offers readers a magnificent vision of the future world through fantastic imagination combined with cutting-edge technology.Hu Hu, formerly known as Liu Jinlong.Member of Chinese Writers Association, student of the 38th advanced research class of Lu Xun College of Literature, executive of Gansu Network Writers Association, Outstanding youth cultural talent of Gansu Province, winner of the first Gansu Network Literature Eight jun, winner of the seventh Yellow River Literature Prize.Representative works “Mountain root”, “Chen Xi yuan”, “Zhaxi Dele”, “Anti-Terrorist Rangers Of the Sky Wolf” and so on.Compass Shell store in Hela – authentic products at low prices, express delivery in time, a comprehensive online shopping mall for buying and selling babies