“Parents don’t educate me!”A passenger scolds a child for stepping on a seat?Shanghai Metro speaks out

2022-05-20 0 By

A video showing a child stepping on a subway seat as a parent in Shanghai’s Subway line 8 recently went viral online.The video shows a young girl standing on a subway train with her hands on a railing as parents and a passenger argue. During the altercation, the passenger says, “If you don’t educate me, I will educate you.”Xiaoxiang Morning Post (report material wechat: XXCBbaoliao) reporters learned that the place of the video is located in Shanghai metro Line 8 to shenyang road direction.In response to the incident, Shanghai Metro said in response to the media that passengers should consciously abide by the passenger rules and not stand on the carriage seat.Video posted online shows a confrontation between a young parent and another older female passenger on a subway carriage, with the two sides arguing.Next to the parent, a little girl stood on the subway seat, holding on to the railings a little confused.The parent first asks the passenger, “Are you lacking in education?”But the passenger asked, “Are you polite?You lack education.”The parents say, why don’t you take the seat?Isn’t it watching kids take up a seat?A female passenger said it was rude: “If you don’t educate me, I will educate you.”Some netizens believe that parents should set an example in front of their children and stop their children from behaving badly and support passengers.Some netizens believe that the two adults should not argue in front of their children and that children should focus on education.In response, Shanghai Metro told the media that it hopes passengers can work together to maintain a civilized and orderly riding environment. Passengers can call the customer service number if they have uncivilized riding behavior during the train operation, and they will arrange staff to stop them.Xiaoxiang Morning Post reporter learned that according to the “Shanghai Rail transit passenger code”, passengers should consciously keep the station and carriage civilized and hygienic, not eat, shout loudly in the train carriage, not trample on the station and carriage seats.Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Zheng Xu