Tang River Passenger transport South Station is coming with an investment of 30 million and an area of 55.68 mu.The foundation stone has been laid

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On February 16, Tanghe County held a ceremony for the construction of the urban passenger south station.The implementation of the project marks a solid step for Tanghe County to promote the integrated development of urban and rural passenger transport and promote rural public transport.The official start of the construction project of urban passenger south station is of great significance in the history of urban construction in this county, and will surely bring far-reaching influence to the construction of urban infrastructure in the future.Economic development, traffic must go first, the construction of urban passenger transport south station has been tang he county party committee, the county government attaches great importance to and extensive social support, the county government will urban passenger transport south station construction as a key project at the county level.As the tanghe county was identified as to change city management area, rapid economic development, the widening of urban framework, and increase in the number of people living to continuously meet the people’s growing demand for transportation of a better life, positive for urban passenger transportation system station project a special debt of 37 million yuan, in the increasingly perfect passenger transport network to add a transportation hub,To connect countryside (town) or village effectively, promote the county vast rural areas of rapid movement of people, logistics and information construction of this project is the need of tanghe county economic and social development, is the need of promoting rural revitalization, to promote the development of “the integration of urban and rural passenger transport”, speed up the development of new rural construction,This laid a solid foundation for promoting the sustained and sound development of agriculture, rural areas and farmers.Tanghe county urban passenger transport south station project approved by the county Development and Reform Commission (Tangfa change traffic no. 232), the project is located in tanghe County New South Road and li Waterway intersection 800 meters south road east, the project land area of 55.68 mu (37121.40 square meters), the total construction area of 7460 square meters.The main contents are: station room, administrative room, maintenance workshop and other auxiliary rooms;Square in front of the station, parking space, parking lot, charging pile, etc.The station room is equipped with computer ticketing system, large screen announcement display system, automatic inquiry system and other intelligent supporting facilities.According to the standard construction of secondary bus station, the construction period is 12 months.After the completion of the project, it facilitates the people’s travel in the southern region of the Tanghe River, and at the same time solves the parking management of passenger vehicles and buses in the southern part of the urban area of Tanghe County, and promotes the prosperity and development of the regional economy in Tanghe County.24-hour traffic and transportation service supervision telephone: 12328