The Municipal Party Committee held a symposium for representatives of democratic parties, federations of industry and commerce and personages without party affiliation

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Municipal party committee convenes various democratic parties, federations of principal and independent representatives symposium liu presided over and talk this afternoon, the CPC hangzhou municipal committee convenes various democratic parties, federations of principal and independents on behalf of the symposium, asking for the city the 13th party congress report (draft).Liu Jie, member of the Standing Committee of CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee and Secretary of Hangzhou Municipal Committee, presided over the meeting and delivered a speech.Chen Xinhua and Zhu Jianming attended the meeting.Symposium, the MDC Lin Ge council chairs, zanu-pf HuanJinYuan council chairs, committee of the council chair Guo Qingye, DPP LouXiuHua council chairman, vice-chairman council chair in wei, of the council chairman hu wei, jiusan society council chairman wei-hong luo, city federation of industry and commerce chairman Feng Renqiang, independent representatives Xu Jianfeng speeches,Suggestions and suggestions were put forward on the success of the Asian Games, the promotion of common prosperity, the promotion of high-quality economic development, the inheritance of song culture, and the recruitment of high-level talents.Everyone thought, the report clearly distinct themes, outstanding key, tasks, summarizes work seeking truth from facts, sober rational analysis of the situation, put forward the scientific and reasonable goal and overall requirements, in line with the spirit of the central and provincial party committee, with hangzhou’s historical position, reflects the city’s people’s wishes and requirements, encouraging, and motivating.Liu Jie said after listening carefully that in the past five years, the city’s democratic parties, the federation of industry and commerce and personages without party affiliation led the city’s organizations at all levels and the majority of members, to promote the high-quality development of Hangzhou’s economy and society made positive contributions.This year is the year of the 20th CPC National Congress and the provincial and municipal Party congress. Hangzhou will also host the Asian Games and The Asian Paralympic Games. Great events and happiness will be held in Hangzhou.I hope you will hold high the great banner of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, carry forward our fine traditions, stay true to our original aspiration for cooperation, and conscientiously assume the great trust of our advisers, helpers, and colleagues, so as to pool wisdom and strength for accelerating the building of a modern socialist international metropolis.We should build consensus in the right direction, deeply understand and grasp the decisive significance of the “Two establishment” and the historical experience of “upholding the United front”, and constantly enhance our political, ideological, theoretical and emotional identification with the CPC and socialism with Chinese characteristics.To around the center as the big picture, carefully prepared, the party’s publicity, reports, policy interpretation work interpretation, focusing on key areas, and put forward more proactive, strategic, operational ideas and Suggestions, to explore the effective way of democratic supervision, make people have more feeling, happiness and security.Crucial contribution to cohesion Asian games, give full play to build consensus, optimization of decision making, coordination, unique role in aspects of maintaining stability, launch the hotshots expert all-round participation in the games preparations, promote formation of the whole society to participate in the Asian games Asian games, Asian games services, offer a good atmosphere, the Asian games to take an active part in international communication activities,Strive to play a responsible role in safeguarding the service of the Asian Games.Hangzhou Municipal Committee of CPC will, as always, attach importance to and support the united front work, and jointly create a new situation for the development of the United front and multi-party cooperation in Hangzhou.