The World of Mortals, the swordsmen, never deviate

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The world of mortals deep friendship, enmity clearly not afraid of hammer.The Red Dust group originated from 290 district, they were “beaten back to their original form” for several times, still intermittently endure to X7, and who is good with who evil, jump out of the paper, never back thorn, never surrender is their league culture.They obey orders, are determined and unwavering. They cannot be beaten, frightened, destroyed or dispersed.I want to escape, but I can not escape the Red Circle of the original origin, in district 290 achieved three secession results, and then won the crown of conquest, is later known as the “holy” one of the four leagues.I do not know what fate, let the red dust group and the “holy” so close connection, in the S2, S3 and X1 season, the red dust encountered yunque, Taoyuan and other “holy” heroes.At that time, the population density of each district service was quite large, and the “Holy Department” was formed by the best of them. The Group was defeated repeatedly three times, and was forced to travel around thirteen states.Three consecutive losing seasons, the number of people is constantly reduced, 300+ into the capital, a team out, that is often the case, and even some old people directly join the enemy camp, to the old team fight, can not help but make people sad.The world of mortals has been “weakened” for many times, which also makes them feel human changes in temperature, who is really comrade-in-arms, who is a wallflower, in the process of being identified.Because the soul figure Wudi falls in love, the world of mortals group for a time to let it go, each hero also almost each rush things.Fortunately, Emperor Wudi returned again in March 2020, and he also brought a surprise — the opportunity to join, they have responded to the call, the story of the world of mortals to continue…A group of when off, Wanfu Mo X852 group of male deckers, the group and other members of the red dust came to You state to farm, and neighbors blood shadow group cooperation and growth.However, the state is fighting two two fat meat, boast fist hard, to forcibly integrate you state, the world of mortals naturally do not agree, after many consultations, the main alliance agreed to a showdown at the Ma Yi pass.This is the move of li Wei, very careful, quickly build a large range of fortress group, in an attempt to pressure the world of mortals.That the front scouts to report, will switch at 9 o ‘clock at night, when the world of mortals is broken, 8 points will launch the arrow, intent to pre-empt.Is not a robot, see the world of mortals, immediately issued the order, under the Wolf and tiger, took the garrison, a large number of demolition team overpressure to.Hasty siege of the city, the number of personnel present is far less than.In Ma Yi durable only 2000, the red card point attack, smoothly grabbed the dragon, then the pursuit of victory, want to attack the other side of the position.After a battle, the world of mortals consumed empty “family”, but also did not shake the army base.When the “grandpa team” rampant, just have a lot of, can not play, the world of mortals had to temporarily Ming Jin retreat.The next day evening, in order to save the face of the dragon was robbed, made a great mobilization, show muscle time arrived, they annihilated the Ma Yi garrison in 10 minutes.The world of Mortals “throw all the eggs in one’s hand”, the battlefield before the fire level, temporarily cut off the link, the attack interrupted, turned to defense, then the two sides had a fierce confrontation, the test of the two will and execution of the time.All the main pressure on the cover demolition team, the world of Mortals because of the gap between the number and the team is too large, can only be passive defense, Sparta fire harassment opposite the battlefield, little effect.Pass durable exciting, both sides of the main fight, fortunately, the world of mortals up and down as one, pressure on all the main force, fight to the end, kill a large number of demolition, delayed the time of 5 minutes.Heaven pays off to those who wait, the desperate stroke of the world of mortals played a role, the defenders restore in front of the world of mortals offering a “secret weapon”.A few full soldiers first line main force hard drag the last 2000 durable, honest pressure on a wave, but it is too late.The world of mortals defends close successfully again, the endurance of ma Yi nevertheless remains 2000, restore time is long, the situation is still precarious, whether defends, see providence entirely.At noon on the third day, Waterloo attacked Mayi several times. It was dinner time. Most of the members of the World of Mortals were cooking without any preparation.There will be revenge true gentleman X979 gold print purple ribbon, the group and once back stabbed his narrow encounter, dare to reach, nightmare mediation, failed, so the plan in yongzhou north county and a battle to the death.The Red Dust took the lead in attacking, relying on the advantage of having built a large number of fortresses in the north in advance and being able to quickly transfer troops, focusing on attacking the people with registered residence in the north.After fighting for an afternoon, because of the distance, the large army did not arrive at the first time, the world of mortals successfully hit a flying, forcing other registered permanent residence personnel have to open to protect safety.In the evening, large forces came, fierce offensive, want to speed up the war to push the world of Mankind, north county was captured, the fort group once stuck to the face of construction, arrogance.At this time the world of mortals main conscription recovery, a large number of members have participated in the war, resist the fierce offensive, the front will be stable, offensive blocked, turn night, the end of the first day of the contest.The next morning, with control, reserve troops, and night fighting, they attacked the southwest of Bukti County and threatened the Red Dust reserve fortress group for a time.Can be capricious because of the preparation of troops consumed and not determined to be the world of mortals suppression.The world of Mortals launched a comprehensive counter-attack, occupy the advantage, through the Nightmare group put forward a truce request, the world of Mortals refused to truce.That night the main force exhausted, the main force of the world of mortals again hit fly one, night battle and fell one.Throw in the towel, quit the North, the world of Mortals win.Conclusion There are 49 people in the Red Dust group, the team atmosphere is good, the red dust group positioning: the alliance in the middle of the force, strengthening the group, both offensive and defensive group.X1554 Asian Cup, red dust coordinates you state, this is their X7 season.The Red Dust group is committed to recruiting a variety of characteristics of talent, each member is the anti-pressure pioneer, season veteran, can obey the command, determined, unwavering.I believe that under the leadership of the Red Dust! Minor tune, the Red dust group will make persistent efforts, create brilliance again and conquer bravely!Friends: happy forest, jiange, squat squat squat, ci brand name, Nightmare, iron armor, Lord, dragon soul.Enemy group: Du Kang, Golden group, blood shadow, Dragon and Phoenix, Honest people, Maple group.Special thanks: World of Mortals/Yaejo Sakura