University despise chain will be major adjustment, Ministry of Education double first-class university list has big action!

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Start | | window will invite wen hua month month window will invite China on December 14, the Ministry of Education announced the second round of “double top” construction in colleges and universities and construction course list, because of significant rule adjustment, widespread debate.First of all, congratulations, these seven universities have entered the “double First-class” ranking: Southern University of Science and Technology, South China Agricultural University, Guangzhou Medical University, Shanghai University of Science and Technology, Nanjing Medical University, Xiangtan University, Shanxi University and above university alumni have flooded their wechat moments with their special news.Congratulations to guangdong examinees. Guangdong province has won three new “double First-class” universities, becoming the biggest winner of this round of reform. This matches guangdong’s status of rapid economic development, and will make the proportion of Guangdong college entrance examination students admitted to “double first-class” in 2022 slightly increased.Of course, a few happy and a few sad, this time both the new universities, but also the adjustment of the universities (disciplines) and warned universities (disciplines).To be honest, such a public warning and revocation is very rare, because it will affect the interests of too many people!To know, the system of recruitment, such as the selection of students, talent introduction, now is the “double first-class” as the threshold of registration.This also drives many enterprises to copy or compare the recruitment of this threshold, the second round of the list published, means that a lot of people get threshold access, a lot of people lose threshold access opportunities.For example, the mathematics major of East Normal University and the statistics major of Shanghai Finance and Economics University, the graduates of these two once “first-class” majors may be excluded from the recruitment and talent introduction of most provinces and cities from 2023.And the newly entered seven universities, especially the graduates of relevant majors, this year will be able to enjoy the “double first-class” employment dividend, employment recruitment did not meet the threshold before, now fully qualified.And at present in the warning list of professional students, it is estimated that many nervous, especially the postgraduate entrance examination and preparing for the college entrance examination students, those who have chosen these universities and these majors before, will be very tangled at the moment.This year’s postgraduate entrance examination has ended, my readers have registered for the above (warned) major, asked me what to think.I think the schools that have been warned, next year’s review, certainly have passed, so as to reflect the strength of reform, increase the authority of the higher level examination group.However, five schools on the warning list should be relatively safe: Inner Mongolia University, Guangxi University, Xizang University, Ningxia University and Xinjiang University. The specific reasons are not explained.What is understood within the system is understood, and what is not is not needed.The rest, when registering for an examination to be careful, do not accidentally high score but on the bottom of the university despise chain.Speaking of contemptuous chain of colleges and universities, we have to chat, key undergraduate course, 985,211, double first-class.Since the launch of the term “Double First-class” in 2017, except for repeated references in the threshold documents set by the system, “double First-class” has failed to replace the scorn chain corresponding to 985 and 211 in the private sector and enterprises.211 and 985 this name in the launch of the year, was widely quoted, deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, completely replaced the last century with decades of key undergraduate colleges and non-key undergraduate colleges and universities this contempt chain.Why is that?First of all, the name is concise. Compared with “world-class university construction university” and “world-class discipline construction university”, 985 and 211 are obviously more catchy and concise.The second is to facilitate the establishment of university contempt chain.985, 211, double non one, two, clear contempt chain needs concise label, let alone is the list published by the state.In the subdivision of contempt chain, 985 is also divided into TOP2, C9, TOP,10, TOP20 and so on.However, it is interesting that tsinghua university and Peking University are the only two universities in the top two.But in the TOP3, it is said that 5 universities are in the TOP3 in 5 different rankings, and in the TOP5, it is said that 15 universities are in the TOP5 in 12 different rankings.Therefore, although the university ranking is helpful to quantify the contempt chain, it often fails to become the mainstream because it is not popular enough, and the masses still only remember 985 and 211.Until the Ministry of Education launched the first round of the “double top” list of colleges and universities, to eat the melon is acutely aware of the masses, before the 985 colleges and universities, the basic is to “build first-class university college”, 985, 211, basic it is “first-class discipline construction in colleges and universities, colleges and universities, and the successful promotion of” double top “is equivalent to double than a successful 211 to qualify.Therefore, over the past five years, “Double First-class” has never replaced 985 and 211 as the preferred label of university contempt chain.And this time, the Ministry of Education announced the “double first-class” construction of colleges and universities no longer distinguish first-class university construction and first-class discipline construction of colleges and universities!Will lead to the reshuffle of the chain of university contempt!Why is this so? The Ministry of Education said that the “double First-class” program focuses on “construction” and is based on disciplines, rather than artificially demarcating identities and levels, handing out “hats”, still less dividing China’s universities into “three, six and nine”.Therefore, if the recruitment conditions are followed up synchronically, it will lead to a sharp increase in the value of graduates from first-class disciplines of all universities. Especially, graduates from non-first-class universities (mainly 211 disciplines not 985) will exclude many competitors due to the threshold.Graduates who previously attended top universities (mainly 985) but are not in top disciplines will probably cry in the toilet…Remember the previous chain of contempt was 985>211>Double non one.In response to the first round of the “double First-class” list, the 985 universities were basically listed as first-class universities, whose disciplines were first-class, and their graduates were regarded as double first-class universities.211, which is not 985, will be listed as a first-class subject construction university, and only the graduates of this subject will be classified as double-first-class.Judging from the statement of the Ministry of Education, this kind of form really belongs to the artificial demarcating of identity and hierarchy, and the practice of “three six nine” etc., which is to admit that the first round of “double first-class” list inherited the contempt chain of 985 and 211.But this time, the Ministry of Education has made a new start, no longer distinguish between first-class universities and first-class disciplines construction universities, all listed first-class disciplines.The most direct consequence is, first of all, whether the system will focus on the recruitment of selected and transferred students and the introduction of talents.Take the recruitment announcements of Suzhou and Beijing, the most competitive cities in the system, for example, so that in the future, all provinces and cities will not follow up the second round of “double first-class” list and set the entry threshold as first-class discipline graduates?At present, the possibility is very big!This is because the second round of the “double first-class” list was jointly issued by the three ministries and commissions, which no longer distinguishes between first-class universities and first-class disciplines. This represents the national will. The Ministry of Education has a special statement, and does not engage in “March 69” and so on.So, the system inside the recruitment to follow up national policy first, it is certain.Talk about here interpose, officeholder examination is very fair, enter oneself for an examination especially on the condition, want undergraduate course only can, so from take an examination of oneself, graduate of undergraduate course that teach by correspondence also can sign up, also can go ashore, this is accomplished very hard outside system.In order to recruit a few famous schools more unripe, the selection of each province transfer unripe and talent introduction set record of formal schooling threshold additionally, this threshold is to delimit limits according to the document of Ministry of Education strictly to set, can avoid to cause unnecessary reproach so.Now the Ministry of Education has taken the first step, and provinces and cities can only follow up the second step.This point, is really greatly good for those non-985 211 colleges and universities, read the school “first-class” professional graduates.At the other end of the contempt chain, those students with non-first-class majors in 985 universities, who previously had the right to despise 211 universities with non-first-class majors, have now become the despised party because they are not among the “first-class” majors.The implications will be profound.It will definitely make an immediate difference to the 2022 college entrance examination!In the past, many high-scoring students fill out their applications by considering the brand of the school first, the location of the school second, and the major last.The unpopular major that can go up 985 is better than the popular major of 211.However, the situation will certainly change this year, high-scoring students will be pushed to apply for “first-class” disciplines, some 211 not 985, but also harvest a lot of good seedlings for key cultivation, and further promote the construction of this discipline.And there is no precedent for such an application in previous years, so there will be more uncertainty in the application of the 2022 college entrance examination.The admission score for non-first-class majors from 985 colleges will likely be lowered.I think this is probably the original intention of the Ministry of Education to carry out this reform.Finally, I still sigh, the top of the chain of university contempt, is always Tsinghua university and Peking University!Because, all university first-class disciplines are determined by the Ministry of Education, but tsinghua and Peking University first-class disciplines are determined and released by the university itself.There is also a joke about this in the system — in the eyes of the Organization Department, there are two kinds of students from elite universities, one is from north Qing Dynasty and the other is from non-North Qing Dynasty.It can be seen that the Chinese examinees, who are rolled into a twist, will be admitted to the first-class disciplines as the new goal of the college entrance examination!Thanks for reading this article.If you like it, please give it a thumbs-up and share it with your friends.Bright window invite Hua Yue: senior writer and joke hand, writing spicy humor occasionally greasy.Attention to the hundred bright window invite Hua month reply “public examination” view interpretation of the civil service examination series of articles;Reply to “selected students” view the interpretation of selected students series of articles;Reply to “Wages” to view the system wages series articles;Check out the civil servant dating series;Reply to “Promotion” to check the promotion of civil servants;Reply “dry goods” to view the department and position introduction;Reply to “Gossip” to check out the series of sharp comments.