Daxing District Pangezhuang Second Primary school held the new semester department work plan exchange meeting

2022-05-21 0 By

To ensure have a good step, new semester, each work smoothly and orderly, the morning of February 18, Beijing’s daxing district panggezhuang town held the second central primary school “exhibition window open new office development” – department of the new semester work plan communication meeting, all field staff, director of the middle-level cadres, better teaching, moral education director, logistics, to attend, head of the meeting shall be presided over by the principal Wu Shaodong.The meeting was carried out according to three agendas: First, the heads of all departments reported the most successful aspects of the work of the department last semester, the main problems, the work objectives, key work and the next steps of the semester according to the requirements of important meetings and documents in urban areas.Then all the participating cadres combined with the documents issued and the actual work, brainstorming speech one by one, for the party building, teaching, moral education, labor union, young pioneers, scientific research, logistics, sports, safety, health and other departments to give constructive suggestions.Finally, the headmaster and the secretary made a concluding speech.President Wu pointed out that the work plan must adhere to the problem-oriented, goal-oriented, based on the actual school, in order to crack the problems faced by the development of the school, a real, a real move.We should improve the institutional guarantee, strengthen the construction of teachers, and implement the “double reduction” policy to improve students’ comprehensive quality.At the same time, important hints were given for epidemic prevention and control, logistics, safety, moral education and teaching at the beginning of the semester.And put forward three requirements for the new semester work of participating cadres: one is to implement the plan “four have”.There is the overall work sheet of the semester, a single work plan, activity traces, summary and evaluation;Second, the “four strong forces” of responsibility.Energetic in daily work, energetic in business research, energetic in the face of difficulties, and resilient in organization and coordination;Three is to smell the order line “four want”.Hear instructions to reply immediately, take immediate action, any department arranged work to take the lead to complete, the school’s collective decision to resolutely implement, the task assigned by the superior to complete on time and quality assurance.Secretary Li Lintian summed up: The Pang family, symptomatic management, division of labor and cooperation.It also points out that moral education should pay attention to student cadre team and teaching should pay attention to process management.This exchange meeting held, practical effect strong, to achieve the expected purpose, for the new semester education and teaching of the smooth development of the work laid a foundation, pointed out the direction.Pang second Primary school cadres and teachers full of confidence, will be more high morale and energetic, to the set goal of forging ahead.