He is the bodhi most afraid of people, such as to come in front of him also want to claim a small monk, sanqing also want to give face

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“Journey to the West” is extensive and profound, and there are many details worth recalling. Bodhi patriarch is a mysterious person in the journey to the West world. He once trained the monkey into a demon king with vast powers and high power in a very short time.The Jade Emperor mobilized many forces to subdue him with great effort.This shows how the bodhi patriarch is a powerful immortal.However, those who were as strong as Bodhi also had something to be afraid of. Because he chose to escape from the world, and because he cut off the relationship between master and apprentice with Sun Wukong, even the Buddha did not dare to put on a dignified posture in front of him. He could only call himself a little monk.But even if they exist in front of him also want to give some face, so who is he, why so many big men are afraid of him, give them face?The following a pot of porridge to talk about.Not the suspense, he is the jade emperor, there’s plenty about his legend, wu chengen old gentleman did not introduce the origin of his in the journey to the west and cultivate immortality, but even before Mr Wu writing journey to the west is also according to the Ming dynasty of myths and legends, so let’s get those ancient myth novel language is not far off westward journey.There are many legends about the Jade Emperor. Here is a pot of porridge to pick some suitable ones. According to our local Taoism, the Jade Emperor is the king of gods and occupies a very high position in the hierarchy of Taoist gods.According to the Taoist scriptures, the Jade Emperor is in charge of all the blessings of Yin and Yang in the three realms (heaven, earth, and space), the ten realms (square, four dimensions, upper and lower), the four realms (viviparous, oviparous, wet, and chemical), and the six realms (heaven, man, devil, hell, beast, and hungry ghost).In the west have embodied in the world, such as monkeys make dragon temple, hell, where leaders are reported to the jade emperor, the relationship between higher and lower, and the ceiling of the west world sanqing, four emperor, the emperor can control, such as to thank Buddha surrendering the Monkey King, the jade emperor please sanqing et al. on the monkey to come over to attend, also thanks to such as come to help them.If the Jade Emperor is not the Lord of the three realms, sanqing will not obey him at all.Tathagata bodhi father of the status of the above said is the jade emperor, the following us under his power, the strength of the jade emperor use four words to describe is unfathomable, such as come the people we know, is very confident, from his surrender the Monkey King, dapeng carving, and other people make uncertain of the lich king, is quite easily, and practice what you preach, but going cap in hand to the jade emperor,It can be seen from two aspects: one is that the Jade Emperor decreed to him, and he immediately followed the decree, which shows that he obeyed the orders of the jade emperor; the other is that he called the Jade Emperor the Great God. Imagine the scene at that time, the Tathagata must have called himself a little monk and looked up to the Jade Emperor.And from Rulai’s mouth we can see some of the strength of the Jade Emperor: he was trained since childhood, suffering through 1,750, each rob of 129,600 years.Some friends said that this sentence can only prove that he has been practicing for a long time, but it can not prove that he is fierce. In fact, we can compare it with sun Wukong’s big product celestial being, which is a very top skill. This skill can not even look down on the world, so every 500 years, he will descend to heaven and earth next time, after three times.Let’s look at the jade Emperor’s skills, although the book does not say, but from the point of view of the consequences, a great disaster of the Jade Emperor is 129,600 years, and to experience 1,750 times, it can be seen that the jade Emperor’s training skills are many times better than the monkey’s.Actually look at the bodhi father of reaction can also infer that the jade emperor, he was the father: why do you want to cut off mentoring relationship with the Monkey King, this is, of course, is the need to learn, but also means the bodhi he was simply not to be taunted the jade emperor, for he already calculate the monkey will be heaven to offend the jade emperor, and challenge the authority of the jade emperor is destined to suffered severe blow,The monkey’s abilities all come from the Bodhi patriarch. The monkey is the main participant in sutras, equivalent to having the halo of the leading role, but The Bodhi patriarch does not. If he is really strong enough to defeat the heaven, there is no need to live in fangcun Mountain to accept disciples, there is no need to break off the relationship with the monkey.And from sun Wukong’s words, we know that the true life of bodhi patriarch is about 108,000 years old (in the original work), even the jade emperor a big disaster, how dare he compete with the Jade emperor?Sun Wukong Sun Wukong does not understand at first, still really think with his strength really can put the Jade emperor out of heaven, but after the Phoenix Xian county just understand, the jade Emperor with the setting of the three difficult monkeys are broken, but the original Jade Emperor has not been serious, the monkey when monkey play?Therefore, sun Wukong was much more respectful when he saw the Jade Emperor later, which shows that the monkey really grew up, and the Tathagata made him a Buddha.It’s all connected.Compare the jade emperor to the emperor of the world, there are some friends think as the emperor is not necessary to ask myself a knife chop down a person, only need to mobilize staff and explode do not deny that the real history is such, but you don’t forget to here talking about westward journey, is increasingly, the world, and the world of westward journey in the final analysis is the ability to speak, if the jade emperor no strength he can secure the throne of permeating the supreme?He doesn’t have the strength to withstand a storm like this?So the jade emperor and the emperor of the world still have essential difference, in the west travel the world immortal is actually very difficult, shouxing can be said to be the most understand immortal it, we listen to him say how difficult it is to live: we have to raise essence, refine gas, save god harmony dragon tiger catch kam fill from I do not know how much time.And the Jade emperor lived hundreds of millions of years old, it can be seen that he is really strong, and not like the emperor of the world only know the use of people?