Hypertensive patient, can take antihypertensive medicine for a long time stop medicine?The doctor tells you the answer

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Many people think their blood pressure is normal and they stop taking medication. People with high blood pressure think taking medication to bring their blood pressure down to normal means they can stop taking medication if the disease is cured.This misperception is particularly acute among the elderly, leading some patients to fail to obtain correct diagnosis and effective treatment.In addition to the risk of hypertension, stress reduction therapy should be carried out slowly to achieve standard blood pressure within 4-12 weeks;Excessive stress reduction may cause discomfort and dizziness in chronically adapted patients with hyperlipidemia and raise doubts about antihypertensive drugs.Therefore, stress relief therapy should not be too hasty and excessive.Some people with high blood pressure think they can make lifestyle changes after they have high blood pressure as long as they follow their doctor’s advice and stick to long-term medication.However, some patients have a long history of hypertension and have tolerated discomfort, so they may not feel anything.Therefore, as long as blood pressure is elevated and medication is indicated, medication should be used regardless of symptoms.In general, there is no resistance to antihypertensive drugs.Long-term use of the same antihypertensive agent if it has a good antihypertensive effect, there is no need to replace regularly;Some patients may experience adverse effects from using the same antihypertensive drug for a long period of time, which may be related to the drug. Therefore, if the blood pressure is well controlled and does not cause significant side effects, there is no need to change the stress lowering drug regularly.In addition to the selection of appropriate drugs, the treatment of high blood pressure must also change unhealthy lifestyles.Patients with hypertension should usually eat light food as the main food, avoid eating food with high salt and fat content and eat more vegetables and fruits with high vitamin content to stabilize blood pressure.There are patients that long-term use of a class of drugs, once a day can be taken once.In fact, this idea is wrong.Different patients should choose appropriate drugs for treatment according to the course of disease, age, individual differences, and degree of organ damage.With physician-directed health management, hypertension is largely a preventable and controllable disease.In addition to hypertensive emergencies, other patients with hypertension, such as hypertensive crisis and hypertensive brain disease, should lose weight steadily and gradually.