Rare!!!The Lantern Festival in the Year of the Tiger

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Tianjin, February 13 (reporter Zhou Runjian) February 15, will usher in the Year of Yin the Tiger of the Lantern Festival.Surprisingly, the month of yuanxiao in the Year of the Tiger is not “15 circle”, nor “16 circle”, but “17 circle”, the roundest moment occurs at 0:56 on February 17.According to Lin Huan, a member of the Chinese Astronomical Society and an expert on astronomy science in Tianjin, the moon moves between the Earth and the sun on the first day of the Lunar calendar.Around the 15th day of the lunar calendar, when the bright side of the moon is all facing the earth, we can see the round moon, called “full moon”, also called “wang”.The time interval from “shuo” to “shuo”, or from “wang” to “wang” is called a “lunar month”, with an average of 29.53059 days.The moon shines in the night sky with colorful lanterns during the Lantern Festival in Beijing on Feb. 24, 2013.This year’s Yuanxiao month is “seventeen circles”.On the first day of the lunar calendar, the lunar new Moon may occur in the early morning, morning, afternoon or evening, and each lunar month has its own length and length.In this way, the moon at its fullest moment “wang” can occur in the evening of the 14th lunar month at the earliest, and in the morning of the 17th lunar month at the latest.But because “new Moon” must be in the lunar new Month, “new Moon” after the average up to go through 14 days 18 hours 22 minutes is “wang”, so the most round time of the moon “Wang” to appear in the lunar 15, 16 days most.Statistics show that the “full moon” occurs most frequently on the 16th lunar month, followed by the 15th lunar month, followed by the 17th lunar month and the 14th lunar month.Photo taken on February 26, 2013 shows a full moon and a street lamp in Sanya, South China’s Hainan Province.”The ’17 full moon on the 15th Day’ is a rare event like this year’s Lantern Festival. It was last seen on February 26, 2013, and will be seen again on March 1, 2029.But no matter when the moon is full, people with the naked eye to see the moon is basically the same, it will not affect people on the night of the Lantern Festival to enjoy the moon.”Lin said.Photo taken on Feb. 26, 2013 shows the full moon and colorful lights in Xinjiang County, Yuncheng City, North China’s Shanxi Province.(Xinhua) When is the best time to enjoy the full moon on the night of Lantern Festival?Two hours after sunset is a good time to admire the moon.”One is that the moon looks and feels really big;Second, the moon appears beautiful silver white, pleasing to the eye;Third, the moon’s level is low, which is suitable for taking beautiful photos of ‘even the moon and the landscape’.”As time passed, the moon moved due south in the sky at midnight, Lin said.At this time the moon level reached the highest all night, all is quiet, the “bright moon sky shine” also do not have a taste.