Many places in Guilin lion and dragon dance, happy New Year

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During the Spring Festival, dragon and lion dances are held in many places in Guilin, adding to the local festive atmosphere.On February 4th, Lipu city held the 2022 Spring Festival Dragon and lion dance traditional culture and sports parade in the gymnasium square to celebrate the Spring Festival.Scene, dragon and lion dance, row of lights, martial arts four square formation neatly lined up, line up, scene gongs and drums roaring, a jubilant scene.In the sound of celebratory gunfire, 6 golden dragons and 5 lion dances, which are more than 20 meters long, began to parade from Lipu Gymnasium. Along binjiang Road, they arrived at the gate of the Municipal Party Committee and The Municipal Government. Dragon and lion dances, lantern rows and martial arts phalanxes were performed in turn.Guanyang February 3, Guanyang County Guanyinge township Wenming village Maozhu Trough tun mountain sea, bustling.The dragon and lion dance teams from all over guanyin Pavilion gathered at the village level public Cultural Service Center of Maozhukuotun. sonorous and lively gongs and drums sounded, and a long brocade dragon danced on the playground, full of Chinese New Year atmosphere.On February 1st, villagers of Lianhua Village and residents of Lianhua Street in Lianhua Town of Gongcheng organized a folk dragon and lion dance activity.The lively dragon and lion dance activities brought the audience a lively feast to welcome the New Year.Source: Reporter Li Renyu integrated guilin Daily New media operation Department produced