Shao Xiaochong ate a drop of instant noodles, and finally did not!

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Hello, everyone, welcome to Dayantian comics, I am the author of dayantian take you into the world of comics.Murder is a common law offence.That is, if a person is deliberately killed by others in any way illegally, today what happened to the failure of funny things, we please look forward to, failure is besieged “return my corn” a group of people covetously around the failure to let the failure of corn, after I saw the gold teacher with a broom to the failure said, “failure, you murder me,I will fight with you! “Ah Zai said in panic,” I beg your pardon! “Meanwhile, downstairs, Miss Jin was hit by a pile of corn on the ground!A student came over and said, “The shrimp fried rice of Lao Le cat is 50% off today, only three yuan.” The students heard and ran to the restaurant.At this time the failure appeared seems to hear what, so hit 110 report, said “there is a murderer at the school gate” so want to bonus, pennant, praise letter, the result is nothing.Ok, this is the end of the cartoon, see you next time want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to da Tian Tian cartoon ah shuai’s whistle was robbed by zhuang Storehouse, how is the outcome?A decline think be cheated, the result silly person has silly fortune!